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@USPCanaan Khalid 1/30/22 6:00pm (Good Evening...)

Has been a rough couple of days around here... How is everyone. President Biden is coming to the City on Wednesday? I really am dreading that. It seems that he does not have an understanding of situational awareness. His off the cuff comments are very unbecoming, and ill timed. So now they have this big crime surge? Bail reform? I'm clueless. Everyone in the City is wearing a mask? I mean maybe the Pandemic may correlate in some way with this spike in crime.Crime has been at all time lows. The new norm is masking up. This seems to be conducive for criminals. Is he that desperate to go back on what he promised? Lets see how he handles this. I think its to early to promulgate reactive policies which will disproportionately effect poor communities. Thousands of families are struggling. Unable to pay rent, and focused on avoiding the mailman? I mean seems like landlords are committing crime also? Stepping back, and seeing things from a different vantage point causes me to have an issue with The mayors policies, and how the target specific people. Yet none of them are proactive trying to tackle endemic poverty. I am confused @ how quick we are to react, yet fail to properly plan.. I feel like Eric Adams has bigger plans, and New York will be his audition for a grander stage! Ray-j love you bro. I am ranting now. Praying for you family.

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