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The Hole You Dug

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

If you notice the enviroment we live is constantly changing . As of cars,technology,buildings. I tell you dont get accoustmed by what you last saw. It will not exist ,if it does the name or something will be different about what you rememberd. However, there is no need to keep up with the wordly things of this life today,especially if your incarcerated whats important is(self) that should be your main focus,thus far. Health,menatl health is not being taking seriously behind walls. We all know its not fair to us inmates thats being held in captivity. What can we do? We are powerless among the prison system. There is not much you can do or get help. You have to be on your last leg as of death bed in order to get help, then the officers come running..then it might be too late. Thats when we take-notice, and take control of our own lives, have full responsibility over them,because you cant always depend on others . I starts with self not you but me. I write to tell you its not too late to turn your life around,because this hole is not big enough for the both of us. Hear me out, Depression had me down since i was 12 years old, i never knew what it was but it came for me, with full force.A sin i call it- Depression ,which is still lurking in my life today at 24. If you let it in ,you gave approval to depression , yo destroy you mentally ,physically,emotionally..unless you fight back. Defeated is not a choice ,its a voice that you been told . If someone constantly beats you down where you have no choice,but to lay there.. You didnt give up ,you just quit fighting,which leads you to being defeated among the force being pushed upon you. I always used the words give up cause i was once (suicidal) when i think of those words . I think of someone taking there life or being taken. Then i become scared cause i know all the emotions that person experienced as well as their families durning that moment. There is so many people that go out on suicide , thinking thats the way to go about the situation. I had a friend that killed her self due to a pill over dose , cause of depression that led her there. She was 20 years old, and i miss her her everyday. She didnt get the proper treatment and help she needed. So she chose that way out. (IN PRISON) The ones that are currently incarcerated if you so happen to feel alone. There are people you can talk too , such as psychiatrists and inmates that truly cares .. even though you might feel they dont , they do. Let your hearts be filled with peace everyday and embrace the future that lies ahead.

Thanks for reading

L. C.

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