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Writings of Imam Abdur-Rahman As-Sa'di

From the writings of Imaam Abdur-Rahmaan As-Sa'di (May Allah have mercy upon him):

He wrote a chapter in his book that he named:

"Quranic Evidences attesting to the fact that contemporary beneficial works and sciences fall under the Religion of Islaam"

So in Chapter 6: 'Allah gave to each thing its form and nature.'

Allah (SAW) Said:

Musa (Moses) said: Our lord is He Who gave to each thing it's form and nature , then guided it aright . [Soorah Taha 20:50]

So, Allah gave every creature his convenient structure that suits his state, and then He guided this human being to what he was created for .This includes all kinds of guidance. The animals, unlike man, have every kind of Guidance to what suits his life only, such as obtaining benifits, and preventing harms. But man is guided to this mentioned guidance, and Allah gives him particularly these kinds of guidance to compliment his religion and life if they are all used . However, if he used them in anything else , then he has preferred blindness over guidance .

Allah (SWT) Said:

"And as for Thamud, We showed and made clear to them the path of truth (Islamic Monotheism through our messenger, i.e showed them the way of success), But they preferred blindness to guidance; so the Saa'iqah (an awful, destuctive cry, torment, hit, a thunderbolt) of discracing torment seized them because of what they used to earn." [Soorah Fussilat]

Through this guidance for man everything possible of knowledge in the universe is subjected to mankind. This guidance includes the detailed and brief guidance of the knowledge and deeds of Sharia and the knowledge and acts in the world.

Thus, Allah SWT taught him the science of religion and guided him to know about and then use it. And He teaches him the knowledge in the universe and then made it easy for him. Then He gave everyone what is suitable to him. So what His Wisdom requires, that if he knows the beneficial matters and sticks to it and follows the truth, and seeks Allah's help, Allah SWT will make it easy for him and bestow upon him according to his state, power and efficiency. The Prophet SAWS said

" Adhere to that which is beneficial for you. Keep asking Allah for help and do not refrain from it."

This Hadeeth (Narration from the Prophet of Allah) is mentioned in the Saheeh. The saying:

"Adhere to that which is beneficial for you" includes religious and worlly matters. Whoever adheres to it, makes an effort to obtain it, takes the ways for it, and seek Allah's help, what he wants will be realized.

But if one does not adhere to the beneficial matters or does not seek Allah's help to obtain it, they will fail. Allah SWT said in many verses that the Quran is the guidance for the pious believers, guides to the truth and the Straight Path, and guides to that which is most just and right. So, the Quran guides to every good deed, righteousness, benefit and guides the worshippers to it.

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