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Welcome Ladies

We wanted to take the time out to thank you and to welcome you to the Power of Our Voice, LLC ("POV") family. We offer many services ranging from free to competitive pricing. However, we would like to bring to your attention one of our free services called "Prisoners' Corner".

Prisoners' Corner is a blog on our website,, where we share your stories, articles, writings, and poems. We are different from other organizations that limit what you say and what you can write about. We want to hear from you and we will post it as is. As long as you are respectful, you are entitled to your First Amendment rights. We also will not edit your submissions, because this is your uniqueness, your intellectual property.

You are not alone, you are not forgotten, and we know that all things are not what they seem. Most of you are incarcerated because you are loyal and m any times repaid by disloyalty. We acknowledge that too often your voices are silenced and we want to amplify your voice. Not only will we share your story on our website, we will share your story on our Facebook and Twitter platforms as well. We also recognize that too often the truth is distorted by falsehood and your story is known from a one sided perspective. This is why we want to share your story, so everyone will know that there is two sides to every story.

We appreciate you, we accept you for who you are and just the way you are, and we are honored to have you as part of our family. If you have any skill sets that you would like to volunteer, so we can expand our free services, or the information we provide, please let us know. We also want to hear from your friends and family that are not incarcerated. No matter if they were previously incarcerated or not. Incarceration affects more than just those who physically serve the time. It affects our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, children, and even those we do not know. Together we are strong, but separated we will remain weak.

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