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Virginia Re-Entry Resources

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia 701 E. Franklin St., Ste. 1412 Richmond, VA 23219 Office 804.644.8080 Fax 804.649.2733 Email: Email (request help): Website:

  • The principal mission of the ACLU of Virginia is to protect the constitutionally mandated freedoms that government tends to erode, and to advance rights clearly intended by our Constitution, but never fully implemented in our society.

Arlington Street People's Assistance Network 2708 South Nelson Street P.O. Box 1554 Arlington, VA 22210 Phone: (703) 820-4357 Fax: (703) 820-4405 Email: Website:

  • Arlington Street People's Assistance Network (A-SPAN) assists homeless people, including people with criminal histories, lead self-sufficient and healthy lives. A-SPAN works with government agencies, community and faith based organizations and business to: meet emergency needs of the homeless including food and shelter; provide direct outreach, case management and employment assistance, advocate for and create new programs to fill gaps in preventive, emergency and rehabilitative services; and increase community awareness and involvement in ending homelessness.

Assisting Families of Inmates, Inc. 1 North 5th Street, Suite 400 Richmond, Virginia 23219 Phone: (804) 643-2401 Fax: (804) 643-2464 Email: Website:

  • The AFOI mission is to prevent the breakdown of relationships among inmates and their families by providing regular, meaningful visitation, support and education services. Our services help prepare families for a successful transition when the inmate is released from prison. AFOI is one of only a handful of such programs to provide these services in Virginia and across the United States.

Central Virginia Legal Aid Society

  • Central Virginia Legal Aid Society (CVLAS) is a non-profit organization providing free legal advice and representation to low income or elderly persons in five cities and 15 counties in central Virginia. Offices are located in Richmond, Petersburg and Charlottesville.

Office Locations (3)

Charlottesville 1000 Preston Avenue, Suite B Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 Phone: (434) 296-8851 or (800) 390-9983 Fax: (434) 296-5731

Petersburg 2006 Wakefield Street Petersburg, Virginia 23805 Phone: (804) 862-1100 or (800) 868-1012 Fax: (804) 861-4311

Richmond 101 West Broad Street, Suite 101 Richmond, VA 23220 Phone: (804) 648-1012 or (800) 868-1012 Fax: (804) 649-8794

Virginia Department of Corrections 6900 Atmore Drive Richmond, VA 23225 Phone: (804) 674-3244 Email: Website:

  • Probation and Parole supervision is operated through the Community Corrections Division of the Virginia Department of Corrections. Supervision is provided through 42 district offices, 12 state-operated facilities, 10 day reporting centers, and oversight for 10 privately contracted adult residential centers. Day reporting centers provide intensive substance abuse treatment, aftercare/relapse prevention counseling, AA/NA groups, GED/ABE and life skills classes, job referrals, and vocational services. Other services such as parenting skills are provided based on client needs. Adult Residential Programs (ARP) are used by the Parole Board as a condition of parole and by Probation and Parole officers as an intermediate sanction. Offenders receive supervised housing, random urinalysis testing, life skills, and basic counseling.

Legal Services of Northern Virginia Main Office 6066 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500 Falls Church, VA 22041 Phone: (703) 778-6800 Toll-free (clients): (866) 534-5243 Fax: (703) 778-4790

  • Legal Services of Northern Virginia (LSNV) is a non-profit public interest law firm that provides free legal assistance to low-income residents of Northern Virginia. Our mission is to help promote a more just community by providing high-quality legal assistance and advocacy for families and individuals who face the loss or deprivation of a critical human need, such as food, shelter, income, medical care, education, family stability, or personal safety.

LSNV: Office Locations (7)

Alexandria 603 King Street, 4th Floor Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Phone: (703) 684-5566 Fax: (703) 519-3838

Arlington 1916 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 200 Arlington, Virginia 22201 Phone: (703) 532-3733 Fax: (703) 778-1011

Fairfax 4080 Chain Bridge Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Phone: (703) 504-9141 Fax: (703) 273-6476

Prince William Office 9240 Center Street Manassas, Virginia 20110 Phone: (703) 368-5711 Fax: (703) 368-5416

Loudoun Office 109 North King Street Leesburg, Virginia 20176 Phone: (703) 777-7450 Fax: (703) 771-7066

Route 1 Office 8305 Richmond Highway Suite 17B Alexandria, Virginia 22309 Phone: (703) 778-3448-9 Fax: (703) 778-3455

Fredericksburg 618 Kenmore Avenue, Suite 2A Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 Phone: (540) 374-9101 Fax: (540) 374-9169

Northern Virginia Family Services Phone: (703) 624-1575 Website:

  • Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS) is a private non-profit organization that serves people in need in the Northern Virginia area. Individuals with criminal records are among those eligible for job training services in the fields of construction trades and office employment. Upon completion of the training component, job placement services are available to participants.

Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) of Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church 1400 North Uhle Street, #704 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: (703) 228-7030 Fax: (703) 228-3981 Website:

Office of the Attorney General 900 East Main Street Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: (804) 786-2071 Fax: (804) 786-1991 Website:

  • Employers and service providers may obtain information from the state attorney general regarding occupational bars, the licensing of individuals with criminal records in certain jobs, and whether the state has laws that limit what employers may ask job applicants or protections against employment discrimination based on a criminal record.

Opportunity House 2708 South Nelson Street Arlington, VA 22210 Phone: (703) 820-4357, ext. 11 Fax: (703) 820-4405 Email: Website:

  • Opportunity Place, the newest program developed by A-SPAN, has a primary goal of assisting homeless individuals achieve stable income and housing by providing street outreach, case management, and employment services including job training and placement. Opportunity Place programs are designed to assist clients in addressing their personal barriers to self-sufficiency with the support of staff and volunteers. Food, counseling, clothing, hygiene items, showers, washer & dryer, free local phone call and voice mail answering service, assistance obtaining personal identification, mail drop, and other services are available to homeless individuals, including those with a criminal history

Opportunities, Alternatives & Resources of Fairfax County, Inc. Contact: Employment, Coordinator 10640 Page Avenue, Suite 250 Fairfax, VA 22030 Phone: (703) 246-3033 Fax: (703) 273-7554 Email: Website:

  • Opportunities, Alternatives & Resources (OAR) of Fairfax County, Inc. is a local non-profit restorative justice organization providing services to restore people with criminal histories to productive roles in the community, offer options to prosecution and/or incarceration, and support families. Funding restrictions may limit the availability of specific services to anyone not a Fairfax County resident. Some services may be provided to Loudon County and Prince William County residents and anyone who is processed through the Fairfax County court system. OAR offers: employment assistance, including resume preparation, employer referrals, and job readiness training; funds for work uniforms, tools, transportation, and job training scholarships; emergency assistance, including food, clothing, and financial assistance with utilities and rent; counseling to help deal with emotional and cognitive effects of incarceration.

Region 2000’s Career Center. – Provides job search and training services including soft skills, specialized training (with certified trainers) and on-the-job training. They also have instructional programs to help build core job skills. They even have college scholarships available for those that qualify! They’ve been around since 2003 and have helped more than 10,000 people.

Bridging The Gap In Virginia. – Bridging The Gap In Virginia is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing a bridge to success to those individuals struggling with addiction, incarceration, chronic homelessness and lack of employment skills.

Virginia Reentry Program and Human Services. – To meet the challenge of prisoner reentry, Virginia has developed a comprehensive integrated system for coordinating the planning and provision of offender transitional and reentry services among state, local, civic, nonprofit and faith-based agencies and organizations.

AFOI. – “The AFOI mission is to prevent the breakdown of relationships among inmates and their families by providing regular, meaningful visitation, support, referral and education services. Our services help families and loved ones throughout the period of incarceration and also prepare families for a successful transition when the inmate is released from prison back into our community.”

Boaz & Ruth. – “Planted in the center of Highland Park, one of Richmond, Virginia’s most troubled areas, Boaz & Ruth advances a mission of rebuilding lives and communities through relationships, training, transitional jobs, and economic revitalization.”

Virginia Reentry Program and Human Services. – To meet the challenge of prisoner reentry, Virginia has developed a comprehensive integrated system for coordinating the planning and provision of offender transitional and reentry services among state, local, civic, nonprofit and faith-based agencies and organizations

Virginia CURE. – “Virginia CURE is an all volunteer non-profit organization focusing on the Virginia criminal justice and prison systems, and the people whose lives are impacted by those systems.”

OAR. – “OAR rebuilds lives and breaks the cycle of crime with opportunities, alternatives, and resources for offenders and their families to create a safer community.”

Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond, Inc. – “OAR enhances public safety by providing individuals and families affected by incarceration with transition services that support safe and successful reintegration into the community.”

Virginia CARES. – “Virginia CARES operates a statewide network of ex-offender reentry programs to provide transitional assistance, financial aid, job readiness training, temporary employment, job search and career development, human relations & self-awareness training, and ongoing support services to prisoners, ex-offenders, and their families in Virginia.”

Norfolk Prisoner Reentry Program. – “The Norfolk Reentry Council’s focus is on the key barriers to successful offender reentry including; Employment and Education, Housing, Financial Obligations and Resources, Social Reintegration and Physical and Mental Health/Substance Abuse.”

(Community Action Re-Entry System) is a heralded, statewide network of Community Action Agencies (CAAs) originally formed in 1981 to address the successful reentry and deinstitutionalization of returning citizens in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The agency presently provides pre-release services in 14 prisons and 9 city/county jails and 6 regional jails, as well as post-release programs in 26 cities/towns and 32 counties in Virginia. Since 1981 Virginia CARES has worked with more than 104,000 returning citizens.

VCRJ Reentry Program. – “The Virginia Center for Restorative Justice (VCRJ) helps women returning from prison find housing, employment, educational scholarships, food and clothing."

Adult Alternative Program. – “Adult Alternative Program isn’t for the sole purpose of providing vocational training to ex-offenders with felony convictions. We use our 22 years of combined experience to return fathers and mothers to their families and keep them there.”

RIHD Reentry Program. – Informational and Restoration of Rights Assistance for Returning Citizens & Persons with a Felony Record.

Second Chances. – “A proven leader in restoring lives in the City of Norfolk. Returning home from incarceration and finding employment with a conviction can be a maze of systemic barriers. Second Chances helps you to navigate your way to a successful transition.”

Home Again. – “HomeAgain provides shelter and support services to 160 homeless men, women, children and veterans each night.”

Virginia DOC Community Corrections. – “Community Corrections’ primary goal is public safety. In Virginia, public safety is defined as the quality of life that allows our citizens to feel secure in their everyday lives by being free from danger, injury and damage caused by those who choose not to obey the law. Our approach to this goal through professional supervision of offenders under our purview is “A Balanced Approach.” This practice emphasizes the dual role of providing supervision and services for probationers and parolees.”

Virginia Beach Reentry Council. – “The Mission of the VB Reentry Council is to assist returning offenders through a collaboratively-supported partnership of private, public, non-profit and faith based agencies with resources to educate and/or provide assistance to overcoming reentry obstacles.”

True Beginnings. – They assist returning citizens with overcoming work readiness obstacles.

Johnny Appleseed Inc. – A 501c3 non-profit organization that provides training resources, job assistance, tutoring, and much more.

Disclaimer Power Of Our Voices provides this reentry resource information as a public service. POOV makes no representation, guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, or suitability of the information provided via this website. POOV specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the web site or information it contains, including any web sites maintained by third parties and linked to or from the POOV website.

POOV does not partner with and/or endorse information referenced in the reentry resource information documents. We attempt to provide current and accurate information. However, because this information comes from a variety of sources, POOV does not warrant, or make any representation as to the quality, suitability, accessibility of services provided by any of the core agencies, faith-based and community-based service providers referenced in the resource information. Users should be aware that we try to keep the information timely and accurate but there will be a delay between receipt of information and appearance in the reentry resource information documents. Any mention of service providers or services is for informational purposes only.

POOV reserves the right to not include in the reentry resource information documents any information that does not appear to meet our needs, the needs of the database user or our selection criteria.

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