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View Point on Officer Trials

@USP Canaan Khalid 12.24.21 7:15am(Good Morning)

Little chippy outside. A lot of my family has migrated to "warmer" parts. Some of us are still struggling with the snow. We watched the verdict yesterday. Everybody grouped up by the TV. I honestly think under pressure the officer made a mistake, yet as the prosecutor concisely pointed out, twenty-six years on the force. Mistakes like this just can't be made. Usually when juries take days for a verdict, things favor the defense. They say she can be out in one third of the time. Again. I think that those who hold positions of trust should be held more accountable. Daunte Wright will never come back, and the only form of justice in this case is accountability. When guys get arrested for selling drugs they are denied bail, and given inordinate amounts of time. When police officers kill unarmed black men or woman they are not held accountable. Derrick Chauvin was the exception. We are at a crossroads, when justice is defined by what color you are and what community you come from. This has to change. When will it? Was this justice for young Daunte Wright? African Americans make up 13% 0f the U.S population, yet in 2020 accounted for 27% of the 1,100 people killed by police officers? The math isn't right. I do not feel she should serve a life sentence yet to have the ability to be out of prison in 2.5 years? These disparities are difficult to ignore from a public policy standpoint. Police reform is necessary, yet it seems that partisan bickering is the priority.

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