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Please know I come to you again asking that we all keep a calm head, no matter what these verdicts may be we can use them to fight further criminal justice. We have all seen how these trials were handled I urge you to see this for what it is a RED HERRING. YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE! They are hoping that you will come out and protest we will protest this for sure on social media as well as at the state of congress. Remember please we have the George Floyd bill, we have the voting rights bill and these are things worth fighting for. Please know any BURNING AND RIOTING is not a protest. We must rally our energy to get these bills passed, we will always have time to relitigate this. I urge you please do not go out your very freedom is at hand, they will jail you or worst. Please, please, please let's do this the right way. I have more to tell you of how proud I was to see you young people marching after the George Floyd murder, you made so much progress let's not give it away on this. Please do not misunderstand me there are many rounds to a fight and we are in one now I think you all know this. SOS Anyone that's reading this please post it on line and any other social media outlet for getting this word out. THIS IS A RED HERRING!! Let's not go down this rabbit hole. Please I ask you again keep me proud of you and do not take this fish, we have much work to do. Again I have much more I have to say, I thank you and God knows I was proud of you.

Until Next Time.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. W.A. Young Of P.N.P.

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