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To understand

To understand is to acknowledge we don't know

recognizing that all people are different but equal

accepting that we all feel pain, and none is superior

We don't know another's past nor their struggles

the many masks that we wear and the things we've overcome

To understand is to have empathy and acknowledgement

knowing that our world isn't based on equality

it’s based on lies, deceit, and wanting to be other than who we are

that our world is run on fears and too often we cower

and ignore each other’s struggles and sorrows

where we’re forced into submission

To understand means to not ignore the prevalence of racism or biases

not to ignore the impact of our words and actions

including our inactions to the injustices all around us

that myths surround our black citizens and our women

yet so many continue to live in ignorance out of pride and arrogance

Despite our citizens who are prejudiced against having more empathy and

compassion than the majority of white America

out of fear of feeling inferior to another.

To understand that we don't have many races

there is only one race and that's the human race

our pigment doesn't define what's inside

and is changed by genetics, diseases, and the sun

something none can control but our hearts are by our choice

What we say and do is what really matters

for centuries blacks peacefully protested to little avail

but when whites join, then change begins

This is not justice Black Lives Matter, too.

To understand means to shed hate

and acknowledge we are all slaves in different ways

Whether we are slaves to our fears, money, or the system

That Racist America doesn't even know why they hate

but despite blacks having a reason most love instead

For Racist America to acknowledge it’s based on fears

fear of having their illusions of superiority shattered

fear of feeling inferior and humble

knowing that if roles were reversed suicides would soar.

To understand means to acknowledge we need change

that not all people are sexist or racist,

but to remain silent allows evil to prevail,

being different or thinking different is okay

but it’s not okay to hate and divide

to reasons to divide and put our noses in the air

nor to live in ignorance to continue our delusions

but to know we are all one race - the human race!

Written by Mika'eel

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