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The U.S. Senate

Please I am coming to you the voters, let's look at the Republicans, the job that they are doing? Vote NO, filibuster anything President Biden is trying to do for the people. So let us only think back to the summer, when minority leader Mitch McConnell said that the GOP lawmakers wouldn't help Democrats and President Biden pass anything. Now let's look at what our President Joe Biden is doing for you the people. Please let me say it's not just the GOP, but also some Democrats as well. Please we need to call them out. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and one Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona they haven't signed on, why not? All we need is 50 votes and the Vice President Harris tiebreaking vote. Manchin, and Sinema call them and let them know they don't work for McConnell...they work for you. Now the Senators have the President Build Back Better Bill on the Hill in their hands. Voters I tell you in this Bill you the people win, win and win some more. The GOP said this is a massive bill. Well I say good it's for we the people. This Bill has in it free preschool, fighting climate change, including affordable housing programs. Voters this is for the people, social spending. Ask you, do you need any of this? Also in here is money to safeguard our elections and please when you call your Senator, let Manchin and Sinema 90% of the time for Trump's bills. We the People have work to do before 2022.

Always Mr. W.A. Young of P.N.P

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