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The Proof is in my Walk

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

I am a man that has accepted responsibility and has held myself accountable for my actions. This message is not to make excuses, but rather shed light on a few things. First, I hold a high school diploma with no juvenile record and very little of an adult record. my upbringing clearly does not fit the description of one who involves himself in such negative behavior. With that being said, if my criminal history points or to be calculated into the federal sentencing guideline you would find a great discrepancy. between the court sentence I should have received, and the one I am currently serving (25 years) I am not a threat to the society as the court may feel that I am. I have continuous support from employers, organizations, pastors and family and friends who are all a part of the tax paying society which supports the justice system. However, my supporters know that while there are people in this world with bad intentions there are also those who become vulnerable to them when faced with adversity due to today's struggle. when taken various rehabilitation programs I have encountered, I am able to share my story from the perspective of an alcoholic.

I can share thoughts about how prison has saved my life and restored past relationships. Today's prison system is being overcrowded with inmates such as myself, who are less likely to reoffend. There are many laws being passed, but none that benefit me, because I've been placed in the category of being a "violent offender". there are so many great men of integrity in prison who has been forgotten about, because society thinks that "once a menace", always a menace to society, and that's just so far from the truth. many of us have taken the necessary steps to redeem ourselves, especially the way we exercise our train of thought. I pray this message will open the hearts and minds of anyone who themselves have fallen short at some point in their lives. my goal is to continue striving to be the best model of a changed man I can possibly be. Thank you for your time.

Written by Sheppard Thomas

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