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The Juxaposition

The Juxtaposition. by Khalid Barnes @USPCanaan #TheDayroom

Hello Khalid Barnes checking in from the Penitentiary. I was feeling pretty prolific @ 11:29 pm on 2.12.22. I am developing something called the "Juxtaposition". This is for contrast and to highlight the perpetual human rights crisis in United States prisons.

Mr. Anders Behring Breivik is currently incarcerated in an Norwegian Maximum security prison.

In 2011 Mr. Breivek murdered 77 people in gun and bomb attacks. The majority of these people were teenagers.

The youngest was Fourteen.

After a criminal trial Mr.Breviak was found guilty of terrorism, and murder.

Mr. Breviek was sentenced to "twenty-one years" in prison, and was denied parole on 2/1/22 due to his "lack of remorse".

Mr. Breiviks counsel wants to improve the conditions under which he is incarcerated.

Mr. Breviek is being held in a three room suite that includes a treadmill, a refrigerator, a television with a D.V.D player, and a Sony Play station.

The Juxt

Wayne Akbar Pray reputed "drug kingpin from Newark New Jersey sentenced to "life" in prison in 1994.

Mr. Pray had no murders attributed to him in a wide ranging drug conspiracy.

Mr. Pray is currently in his 28th year of a life sentence.

Mr. Pray is being subjected to "covid conditions" of confinement.

My position.

The United States is the worldwide leader in Mass Incarceration and recidivism. The legal system is constructed on racism. These laws rules and policies disproportionately affect communities of color. Moreover the prisons are steeped in violence, and are Petri dishes for the matriculation of crime. Reading the article about Mr. Breivik the word "inmate" was not used once. The New York Times seems to be @ the forefront of reporting these issues, Yet they consistently use words that give the society the "right of way" when it comes to disregarding the humanity of those incarcerated. @ktbenner

Guys the way this works is I would like a comment of your position on the Juxtaposition!

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