The Difference

I was born a male and transitioned to a man. Just because your born a male doesn't make you a man. No matter if its right or wrong I look all consequences dead in the eye. I'm beginning to realize that us men are not stepping up to the plate as we should. I sit and ponder on some of the things I hear and see which is mind blowing. For some reason the majority feel that because we are incarcerated it's okay to be ignorant/ Change starts the day the judge hands down the sentence we put ourselves in position to get. Yeah I believe my sentence was excessive but that's now water under the bridge. So now I'm working on making sure that when I'm working on making sure that when I leave this place, God willing, I'll be better on all levels. I don't do drugs, I don't play games, I just work on me because to me nothing else matters except getting back out there to my loved ones. I have a strong support system and I love them for the encouraging words, money, pictures, cards, etc. that keep me afloat, and motivate me to excel. My children is the turning point in my life. God willing I refuse to leave this earth without putting them in a better position. In closing I want to say this one will not have to tell to save him or herself if you don't commit a crime don't let these people brand you. Stay in your lane this lifestyle isn't what it appears to be. Prison in tougher than you think. The mental and emotional war is life draining. Peace.

Power of our Voices Representative Hamzah

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