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Welcome to Power Of Our Voices,

We want to thank you for subscribing to our newsletter and invite you to join us in letting the public hear your voice. You can write articles, poems and send them to this email. We will publish them on our website at and your loved ones can see them along with the rest of the world. They are located under blogs ... Prisoners' Corner. Your loved ones can search for the the title or browse.

Periodically we will post some of them here for you to see as well. If you don't want your article published on corrlinks let us know. Everyone is unique and we want to hear from you. If you have a life sentence we want to hear from you too.

We focus on things that are important to you as an incarcerated citizen. Although you have been sentenced as a consequence you are not in Prison for punishment just as punishment. We know the system is imperfect and does not operate in a fair manner, but with our voices we can show power and make change happen. Violence, giving up hope, and suicide is not the way and you are not alone. We are a family and we help each other.

We want to help you get prepared for your release by giving you the knowledge and tools to fix your credit, to know where food, clothing, and bus vouchers are. To help you locate places that hire in your area and based on your criminal history. We want to help you find other resources to start your own business or get start up gear for your new job. Or write some books. There are a lot of resources out there but they have not been easy to navigate. So we are in the process of doing that for you. We will also send information on Social Security Benefits, how to get them and the myths.

We offer these services for free and operate based on donations. If you would like to donate you can do so by sending funds to Power of Our Voice, 2510 Royal Acres Drive, Denton Texas 76209 (accounting address) or your loved ones can go to our website to make a secured payment or donation via a secured page.

Soon we will be offering other services such as prison pen pals and more. Please give us your feedback and let us know what services or information would be the most helpful to you.

If You Have information You feel Will be helpful for other prisoners such as resources in your area and would like to share them please do so and we will add it to our newsletter and web site.

Thank you,

Chris Smith

Power of our Voices, LLC Manager

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