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Second Chance

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I am in incarcerated father to a beautiful 22-year-old young woman. Coming to prison wasn't the plan, especially having a 10-year-old out there. However, in order for me to be a great father, husband or friend, I must first be a better "me", and that's what I'm doing. It's so easy for us to come to prison and give up or blame the world for her actions, but being a father never stops. I remember when I first came into the system, I was looking for sympathy from my daughter's mother, and hopes that she would understand my situation. When she told me challenged my life and the way I wanted to move forward. She said I don't feel bad for you, I feel bad for your daughter, she then went on to say, just make sure she knows who her father is. My daughter is now grown and we have the best father daughter relationship then I could ever ask for (considering my physical absence). as men we use every excuse the penal system throws at us to keep us from being bothers to our young men and women we left behind. I am living proof that first I had to get right with god, ask him to forgive me and also forgive myself. I have taken parenting classes, faith-based classes such as the LCP program which is the life connection program, to help equip me in becoming the father my baby girl needed all these years. it's hard from here, but anything worth having in fighting for is never easy. To the men that's incarcerated who have kids out there, I encourage you to step up and make a difference in their lives, in spite of our absence. We are needed!!! There is a shortage of good men in society, so let's now become the solution and fix the problem rather than being the problem and wanting others to be our solution for us. To the women and mothers, I want to give out your flowers now for holding down the household when we failed and providers and protectors for our family. thank you for the sacrifice you made in our absence, in making sure our babies were well taken care of. Thank you.

Written by Sheppard Thomas

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