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Save Our Planet

Praise God. Please I am here to ask your help to save our planet. Please let me tell you again Mr. Biden is only our President he is not God. Please our President needs our help Please Please. Remember what he has done for the people. Right now in the Congress hiss Build Back Better Bill, his For the People Bill and others are all up there. Now the GOP will do nothing to help the President so now we must save our planet. I tell you climate change is real... and we must fight. Please in 2022 we must vote them out. I say to you all the Jury is now in. The GOP is not all there. Please tell someone We the People for the people, we must fight for this planet it's the only one we have the footprint is there. Please we are more alike than not you see firsthand what the Republicans are doing if not then I'll tell you. America has turned into a place where it's risky to look out for the people you represent in Congress, Who may be in dire need of clean water or power grid that doesn't collapse in a storm. It's risky to give a political "win" to a President from the other party. I know you can see some of our own leaders have it in for us. I tell you this is only a career to them, but this is your lives. Please People now in 2022 this is our time. You only have to remember Jan 6, 2021 if we don't stop them in 2022 it will be our end. Think about what you are seeing here, think about your kids. We have to do something now.


Mr. W.A.Young of P.N.P

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