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Quarantine Lockdown

@USPCanaan Khalid 11.17.21 5:20pm(Lockdown? What is the purpose?)

Hello Guys. This is Khalid. We were on a Quarantine/Lockdown for the past twenty-two(22) days due to a major covid outbreak in my housing unit. Lockdown means twenty-four(24) in the cell (1,440 minutes). Every 72 hours(4,320minutes), we get five(5) minutes out of the cell for a shower. No phone calls. No cpu. No human contact at all? The guys are shell-shocked, yet jubilant @ the same time? Does that make sense? Lockdown? The worst thing you can do to a human being is lock him in a cell with his own thoughts. Constant lockdowns create a very terse environment, which leads to an uptick in violence. Thoughts influence moods which influences behavior. When you feel no one cares about you. How do you act? Prison/Incarceration started during an era of reform. Society felt that corporal punishment was arbitrary+capricious. Prison initial purpose was rehabilitation, a time for a convicted-criminal to ponder his behavior. Today prisons sole purpose is to punish those incarcerated, along with their entire families? Punishing people via incarceration does not deter crime. Locking human beings inside of a cell for twenty-four(24) hours is cruel&unusual punishment as defined by the 8th amendment of the constitution. Remember guys a right is not something that is given. A right is something which no one can take away!

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Khalajah Parsons
Khalajah Parsons

After all of these years, nothing has actually changed. There is still COVID-19 and now less releasing of prisoners.


Each prison has a similar story.

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