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Prisons And Holidays

@USPCanaan Khalid 12.23.21 7:15am(The Wake Up...)

Hey guys. They gave out Holiday Bags yesterday? A couple of us did'nt go. Several of the guys asked me to walk up, and get the bag for them? Counter productive. We do not celebrate the holidays, and the bag is a form of commemorating these days. There is also a tangible sense of longing for family around this time, so the guys are clinging on to each other. Usually visitors can make up for it, yet the non-contact visits seems to traumatize us even more. It is difficult to tell a 5 year old to stay seated when they haven't seen their father in 24 months. From a psychological perspective this damages a child, and deters visitation..Okay guys please stay safe the virus is surging in Pennsylvania. Hopefully we will make it through the weekend.

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