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Prison Murder

@USPCanaan Khalid 12:00pm 11.29.21

When I was younger in school one of my classmates was murdered. They closed the school, and had psychologist and counselors talk to all the students because they recognized that this was traumatizing for the student population. Yesterday morning @ 7:45 am a prisoner was killed @ USPCanaan. He had three months left to go home? The issue here is that once the hopelessness and despair set in we feel like we do not have anything to live for. This leads to us having a complete, and reckless disregard for the sanctity of Human life. Today its just another day. I have been down for 6,451 days now. This is the 30th person, (human being, husband, father, son, grandson, uncle, cousin), who died in-custody(suicide, drug over dose, or murder) since I have been incarcerated. Prison does not have to be this way, yet it is! Please tell your loved ones that you love them as often as you can. The pandemic is traumatizing us also we all went to commissary today like noting happened yesterday. 1,200 hundred prisoners here, and two psychologist? Please if you have a loved one on the way home from prison encourage them to SEEK MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT! Taboo in our communities yet we are devoid of that right in here.We have a right of access of mental health treatment! Okay guys i am just keeping you updated. I have to find therapy where I can, and sharing with you guys is cathartic for me. Peer pressure is suffocating in here to the point that the guys who do need access to mental health will be castigated by others. These mental issues fester and come home to you. Please do NOT LET YOUR LOVED ONES COME HOME AND CONVINCE YOU THAT THEY ARE ALRIGHT. They are not! Incarceration is unnatural, and inhumane it is mentally debilitating. I am alright. I often get a lot of great emoojis and stuff. Thank you guys for hearing me out... Please stay safe. I really mean that!

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