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Updated: Feb 26, 2022


I. Cancellations & Refunds

All requests to cancel any service or all services must be made within the first 15 days of activation of that service or services. Activation is considered as begun once POV both receives your payment or you have sufficient funds in your account and you tell us in writing what service you want. Failure to cancel prior to the expiration of the fifteenth day will result in your forfeiture of any pro-rated refund for that billing cycle. Any request for cancellation made after the 15th day will be considered cancelled at the end of your billing cycle prior to your renewal date.

Once your pictures have been paid for and shipped we will not offer any refund on those pictures. We are not responsible for any alterations or damage made to your pictures after they arrive at your facility. For example, many facilities have a policy to photocopy the pictures and give prisoners the photocopies and destroy the originals. Once your pictures have arrived at the facility, we no longer assume any responsibility, and will not offer any refund.

In order for you to receive a pro-rated refund for select services (i.e., Google Search, Social media) your request for cancellation must be made in writing and received by our accounting office prior to the fifteenth day. Any requests for cancellations not made in writing will not ne enforced. You can request a cancellation in writing via email or via united states postal services (U.S. Mail).

A request for cancellation sent through email will only be considered received if received by our accounting office at or through our main email at The day the email officially shows it was sent will be the day we accept as the day the request was made. If the request for cancellation is made through the United States Postal Services (U.S. Mail) it must be sent to: Power of Our Voices, LLC Attn: Cancellation Department, 2510 Royal Acres Dr. Denton, TX. 79206. The date of the post mark will be the date we will accept as the date of the request.

If a request for cancellation is sent via mail and not yet received by our office, and you request additional services within the parameters of the services you requested your services to be cancelled, your cancellation will be considered null and void. In other words, if two requests conflict the date of the latter request will be controlling, thus making the earlier request null and void.

Your refund can be refunded the same way you made the payment. If you choose to have your refund deposited into your prison account via western union, money gram, or JPAY (if consistent with your facilities policy), than the cost of sending the money will be deducted from any monies being refunded to you. This request must be made in writing otherwise a regular money order will be sent to the designated place or prison institution that accepts money on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure we have updated and accurate information to ensure proper and efficient execution of these duties.

If we execute or provide a service such as social media services, to which is in violation of your institutional rules or Face book/Instagram rules that result in either your facility or Face book/Instagram blocking your page we will not refund any money already utilized. If your page is blocked we will either prorate from that date (considering this service cancelled), to your renewal date.

Canceled Picture Service - If you cancel your picture services and you have pending pictures you can elect to have them shipped at the standard shipping rates as described under our policy, Picture Services, or have them deleted. If you choose to have them shipped than the cost will be deducted from any refund, if applicable. See Picture Services for additional information. Once you cancel your picture service or 30 days, 60 days has expired, depending on your service package, we will delete any pictures we have in your account from our server.

II. Corrlinks

We will ordinarily accept all corrlink requests within 72 hours. We require up to 71 hours from the date of request to process any request or perform any service. This includes cancelling any service and issuing any refund. See Also, Cancellations & Refunds for more details.

Any messages, articles, letters, correspondence, blogs, or any electronically data transmitted via corrlinks must adhere to both your facilities rules and the rules of Corrlinks.

Social Media

We require you to have an active gmail account to utilize our services. If you do not have one than we will create one for you. This is to ensure the most effective services for you.

We will not post any obscene or offensive material. This includes any profane language or racial slurs. This policy is consistent with Face book, Instagram, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons definitions and policies in combination.

We will send a copy of your friend list for $0.50 per page for black and white and $0.75 per page in color. There will be an initial shipping and Handling cost of $1.50 that will be added for all orders.

We currently will run only Face book and Instagram pages for social media services.

The social media pages we create or operate on your behalf do not belong to us. It is your responsibility to ensure your use and posts do not violate any institutional rules, laws, or Face book/Instagram rules.

If you would like to add pictures to any of your pages you must send the pictures to (248) 278-7755, and we will upload them for you. If you have signed up for our picture services and you would like any of the pictures that we shipped to you to be posted on your social media page than we will do so for an additional $2.00 per month to your social media package. See Picture Services for additional information. If you sign up for the package of Social Media and Picture Services, than you can choose to have pictures sent to your account (via email or phone) to be uploaded to your social media pages. You will have an unlimited amount of pictures under this service with no additional cost.

Picture Services

If you choose to add social media services to this service (picture service), and would like to have some or all of your pictures added to your social media pages we will do so for an additional $2.00 per month to your social media package or service. Also see Social Media Services for additional information. This entitles you to have any picture you have had shipped to you with your picture services with us to your social media pages with no limit on the amount of pictures. You will still have to pay for any pictures physically shipped to you. If you sign up for this service we will save your pictures in your account past our 30 day cutoff date, for an additional 30 days (60 days maximum).

We do not hold on to your pictures after 30 days unless you have the Social media/Picture Service package. We hold onto your pictures under your account for 30 days to ensure that you have received them and give you an opportunity to file any complaint, if applicable. After 30 days, if we have not heard from you then we will delete the pictures from our server.

If you cancel this service we will delete any pictures remaining in your account with us as we have no ownership over them. See Cancellations & Refunds for more information.

With your Picture Service subscription we will automatically enter you into our drawing. See Drawing for additional information.


At the end of each month your name will be entered into a quarterly drawing for every 40 pictures you purchased. The amount of pictures to be considered will be based on the quarter not per month. So if at the end of the quarter you purchased a total of 250 pictures, your name will be entered into the drawing (6) six times. There will be 3 winners each quarter, which will take place on the 15th of every 3rd month (i.e., March, June, September, and December).

1st Place - 60 free pictures (a $30 dollar value)

2nd Place - 30 free pictures (a $15 dollar value)

3rd Place - your choice of 10 free pictures or 1 month free of our basic research service.

Drawing will take place on March 15th (for December 1 to February 28/29; on June 15th for March 1 to May 31st; on September 15th for June 1st to August 31st; and December 15th for September 1st to November 31st). If you receive any promotional deal and thereby receive extra pictures this will not apply towards the amount of pictures for the drawing. In other words, if you receive 40 pictures for a $10 promotional deal than only 20 pictures will be considered for drawing purposes.

Names will be randomly drawn. All rewards will be distributed by the end of the quarter.


We currently accept payments in the following ways:

(1) A BP-199 (Federal Bureau of Prisons) sending funds to:

Power Of Our Voice, LLC

2510 Royal Acres Drive

Denton, TX. 76209

(2) Mailing a money order to:

Power of Our Voice, LLC

2510 Royal Acres Drive

Denton, TX. 76209

(3) By calling (248) 278-7755 and making a payment

(4) Cash App $xmith1959

Any payments made must note whose account the money is to be applied to with first and last name and prisoner number.

First Amendment Rights

Power of Our Voice, LLC ("POV") tries to go to great lengths to respect everyone's First Amendment Rights. We create as little rules as possible that would restrict any individuals free speech. We encourage promoting others beliefs, views, and opinions to greatest extent possible. We do not and will not discriminate in any manner, including, but not limited to, age, race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, origins, economics, geographic, religious views, charges/convictions, sexual orientation, or otherwise.

A. Prisoners' Corner & Free Speech

We will post any article, writing or post, but we require each form of communication to be respectful and not violate any laws. Please see below (religious views) for more information.

B. Religious Views

We will post any article, writing, or post that speaks on or references religion, however, each form of communication must be respectful and not contain any materials containing discrimination or hate speech. Any violation of this policy will have such material removed. Repeated violations may result in removal of membership or posting privileges.

POV will post and help you in anyway that we can. POV does not and will not take any position on religion, or respect one religion over another. Therefore, other than posting any article, writing, or post under our Prisoners' Corner on our blog page we will not assist in any further promotion of religious views/beliefs.

Each Owner, Member, Manager, Partner, or volunteer will not have their religious beliefs restricted in any way. They may speak on their individual views, opinions, and beliefs, but must make clear each statement is their personal views, opinions, and belief, not necessarily those of POV. POV has partners, member, owners, and volunteers with a variety of religious views. Our focus is to give everyone a voice who has been silenced, with a special aim towards those incarcerated.

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