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my story!!!prison walls FEDLLIFE!!!

HI!! My name is jeffrey grant.. I was born and raised in brooklyn ny. coney Island section of brooklyn.. I Lived in very bad conditions, far as child abuse sexlly abuse.. I watched my pops beat my moms on a day to day basis due to his drug habit herion..we were taken by bcw and removed from the projects were my grandparants took us in. we now in the bed stuy section of bk.I LOST my MOMS AT THE AGE OF 12 TO HIV. i STARTED CRIME AT THE AGE OF 13, STEALING CARES, SNATCHING Pocketbooks robbing ect.. I was sent to the juvee system spotfit in the bx were to servive you had to know how too fight and duck that razor... once release i stzarted going too summer camp upstste ny. working summer youth jobs packing bags in met foods ect..that wasnt enough. I started selling drugs at 14 standing and holing for my uncle who taught me the streets..too go to school was not for me but had to. so the gun 22 was always tuck..I watched my family members move drugs and guns from ny too down south..Over 30y later i sit in the feds coming off a 262 mo sentence for 6.035grams of crack and a unloaded gun.I just got some reform from the first step act crack law. were my sentence was reduce. the judge took off 5y for my count 1 poss of 5 grams or more as a black man the sentence was unfair!!!!I NOW BEEN IN FOR OVER 13YEARS AWAY FROM MY KIDS AND FAMILY.IM housed at fcc petersbrug low . ive been too 6 prisons in 5 diffrent states, every hold over there is. been too the box in every spot. caged up like a pet with no food. this place is full of sex offenders who time dont match the crime....IM down too 18mo with no halfway house and this cov 19 is making it hard for me to seek help..I want to start my own packing company aswell as own box trucks.. I also want to gain my accoaite degree so that i can speak with the at risk youth. Thats growing up without a pops or moms thats yougest child i left at 2 she now 16 and i have a good relationship with all my kids, i lost it all $$$ family but i want it back, need help from the right people!!my mind is stright!!prison not an option..ITS TIME!!!RELEASE ME , BEING INCARSARATED IS DEF EXSPENSIVE PAIN!!!JMG FEDLLIFE THE MOVEMENT COMING SOON!!!!!!!INSHA ALLAH1!!!

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