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Missive To My Son

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Dear Son:

I want to apologize for taking myself out of your life. I was picked up by the FBI March 3, 2015 eighteen days before you turned six years old. My out date is August 2029. My reason for this brief missive is to let you know it's not a day that passes me by that I'm not thinking about you. I'm fighting my case praying that Allah grant me relief so I can teach you how to be a man. I need you to learn from my bad decisions and never walk in my foot steps that brought me here. Being incarcerated is very stressful son. I am missing you grow up and it's eating me up from the inside out. The scary thing is tomorrow is not promised. When I ponder on me not out living this bit it hurts because we never get the chance to bond. You didn't ask to be here so again I apologize for leaving you. If your angry at me you have the right to be. I'm allowing you permission to express yourself. Holding it in is not healthy. So whenever you're ready to tell me how me being locked up affects your life, I'm all ears. I love you Young Taj.

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