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Just Some Thoughts

No phone calls no txts no msgs and no mail

8 days straight

Patiently waiting for the phone to ring

A txt a msg anything

To let friends and family know that they are okay

Is it right that we are meant to feel this way?

Is it right that they are often treated inhumane?

Just some of the thoughts that run through one's brain

Worrying about the very real lasting effects of PTSD and the pain

Of knowing that when they come home they come home different than when they left

Family and friends out here feeling bereft

No real job prospects no tools to help them not recidivate

Such is their fate

Once they go behind those walls and close that gate

Enough to make anyone who has someone on the inside more than just a little irate

I hate how they are mistreated while serving their debt to society

Regardless of their crime or previous notoriety

People can change and rehabilitate and be released back into society.....

2.11.22 11:08am

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