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Help Is Needed

Us male and female prisoners are still human beings that are being looked and treated like animals because of poor decision making that comes from multiple things. a nice portion of us have psychological problems that was overlooked during our sentencing. Abandonment issues etc. I am serving a 17 years sentenced with 7 years in on it . I due my time by programing and working. We really have no programs here at Petersburg and the programs we do have I am unable to attend them because I have to much time left on my sentence. My question is this if I want help to address my addiction and criminal thinking why does it matter how much time I want left? If it's a behavior that If it's a pattern shouldn't I be allowed long term treatment? The majority of us are just sitting around passing time by watching TV and attending recreation but these things will not put us in position to prosper once we reenter society. It' s like this whole system is designed for us to continue to return to prison's to keep the job market open hopefully this reach the right ears and someone help us. Please do not believe what you hear we are oppressed the staff treat us like shit on the bottom of there show a lot of the staff is unprofessional no one listens to our cries for help so much so that we give and believe that we aren't apart of society. This is bad because we all make mistakes some just never got caught. How about the ones that do get caught but because of who they are or who they may know the charge get thrown over the rug. Wrong is wrong no matter who commit the crime correct? Hamzah is the name one of the owners of power of our voice. I will along with my staff continue to fight for those that this corrupt system try so hard to silence lock the door and throw away the key. We are still human beings.

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