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This is an article written by a Federal Prisoner.

Wednesday September 16, 2020, they locked the jail down because one of my fellow prisoners caught

the corona virus to prevent it from spreading. To the outside world it appears that their concerned. To

all of God's creation let me open your eyes to what happens when the jail goes n lockdown. We got a

five minute shower Thursday & it's a strong possibility we won’t be able to get another shower until

Monday. Hygiene becomes a privilege; 3 days a week is how they run showers under these

circumstances. Everything I'm about to speak about is a privilege & I am only doing so to make a point.

We are still able to spend our money on commissary; however, we are unable to use the hot water

machine to drink hot tea, coffee or prepare our meals. We have to settle for the sink water. We have

rechargeable radios and MP3 players but getting a charge is symbolic to making a half court jump

shot. . . it’s possible but you'll miss the majority of the time. In the NBA it's very few players that shoot

like that. That's about how many officers have empathy for us & do the best they can to help. The

reason for this is to put the world on notice. When this corona virus hit America soil swiftly, they took

our visits to prevent this COVID-19 from spreading. However, officers/staff go home every day. Now the

corona virus is here. How do you think that happened? Now I'm unable to speak to my loved ones via

phone or email. There is not courteous call, nothing. Today is Saturday September 19, 2020, and nobody

has come around and told us anything. We have no idea how long we going to be lockdown. So, at this

point we are unable to let our loved ones know anything, except via snail mail. Is it safe to say this that

we are being protected & punished for something a staff member or officer brought in? To all of my

readers that may be breaking the law, why go through this when you don't have to. If you are reading

this, you’re out there 9 times out of 10. So, stop what you’re doing and you may be safe if you're not

already caught up in a secret indictment. I put myself in this situation. Accountability. Learn from my

mistake. I have 66 months in on a 204 month sentence. This can be you. The system doesn’t

discriminate once you get caught in the web. Give yourself a chance it's many ways to make money

beside breaking the law. Why go through this when you don't have to? The choice is yours. I feel like it’s

a form of punishment the way we are being treated.


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