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First Step Act

@USPCanaan @TheDayRoom Issue; First Step Act Implementation of Earned Time Credits #Fiasco.

I am perplexed, after reading a USA today Article by Michael Balsamo, and Michael Sisak @ the lack of transparency when it comes to the implementation of time credits. PATTERN(Prisoner Assisted Tool Targeting Estimated Risk and Needs), is a tool created by the First Step Act of 2018 which incentivizes programming by giving prisoners time credit for certain productive programming. Today the Dayroom was in a complete quandary. Why? there are two prerequisites in order to get the credits. You must have a minimum or low PATTERN score( this is under 30), this is impossible. Not one of the prisoners in the Dayroom qualifies for the time credits, and they have hundreds of hours or days of programming. I personally reviewed several of my peers scores, and they don't qualify. second if you are convicted of certain crimes you are ineligible for earned time credits even though you are taking EBRR programs (Evidence Based Reduction Recidivism), these are marquee programs Challenge, Anger management, Residential Drug Treatment. This even applies to employment. There are press releases that 60,000 prisoners will be released due to the recalculation of Time credits, yet we have to hop through hurdles to get the credit. The sample group@ USP Canaan @TheDayroom I did not come across one prisoner who was eligible for early release due to the implementation of this guidance from the Justice department. Hey guys I am on Ground Zero the Pattern tool is fatally flawed, and it has discouraged of all the guys. Programming is an essential part of change equipping prisoners with the tools to stay out. 95% of prisoners are leaving the BOP one day. The goal is to be provided with the tools to stay out, and be a productive member of society. You guys are advocating yet communication is non-existent. We are @ Ground Zero. Congress needs to apply this to all prisoners who program, irregardless of the crime. Programming should be mandated for all prisoners irregardless of the crime. Carjavel resigned? He is not the problem. Long- standing systemic issues are. The BOP has had 6 directors in the past 5 years. This failure, and ineptitude needs a comprehensive congressional investigation. 275 prisoners have died from covid? Is that Carvajals fault also. From a logistical standpoint effectively managing 122 institutions is impossible. The wardens are BOP lifers. They are more powerful than the Director. operations have to be centralized, and an independent committee needs to come inside of these prisons, and talk to the prisoners. Why is everyone speaking for us, yet no one is speaking to us.(

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