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Federal Prisons and Suicides

On Thursday another woman who was in the SHU committed suicide here on Aliceville, FCI's compound. Both were Native American women, young, with family at home, but for some reason were unable to cope. However in last 4 months there have been several attempts of suicide by several different women all in the SHU....what is going on in there that it seems that every other week someone is trying to commit suicide?

Recently Ms. Peters came to our compound, there was an article by a Derek (somebody) that expressed how she went into a classroom and it was filled with Spanish people and than turned and asked the instructor if she spoke Spanish...turns out they all were there filling seats for the 60 Minutes episode. (Can't wait to see how that turns out now).

The Morale at this prison sucks...and that is putting it nicely. Today on the way into the kitchen I heard a group of inmates say "We got stuff in our unit, but it isn't worth anything." They were talking drugs. In the last month we were locked down for a drone on the compound, drugs and cell phones found on the rec-yard, and now this suicide.

The Warden has painted huge murals on the walls of buildings, but when it comes to programing it is non-existent. Psychology is the worst because it barely offers anything that isn't drug related. BTW we had a day where we were all kept off work for "SAY NO TO DRUGS DAY", but when they came in to give a 3 minute speech it was all about how drugs lead to inmates committing suicide and if you see it turn it that is going to happen.

I'm of course venting but this actually scares me becuase I have never seen so many women try and kill themselves in such a short period of time. I have to wonder if any of the staff actually care about the inmates and their mental health. As we go into the holiday season all I can see is that it may get worse before it gets better becuase we as women are emotional creatures at heart.

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