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Please know I come to you as some one who loves the constitution of these United States, for which we have taken for granted and she's at a breaking point. We must fight back against those who seek to destroy our democracy. This democracy is a great test that is now being challenged by the vary people we entrusted to withhold it. We will seek to do nothing and we will fail this democracy. President George Washington said in his last speech as president " if we don't fight for this we will just be another third world country with a failed democracy." We know right from wrong and what's going on here in America we know is wrong. It is been said if you see something say something, well I am here to tell you it is high time that we do something our very democracy depends on it. I am depending on all of us that call ourselves Americans no african American, no native American, no Asian Americans we are all only Americans and we must fight for America. We made mistakes in the past, however, we are here and now in a moment that will define her greatness. She has never been great however we have always been that beacon on the hill in which that I say to all the young people, your future is at hand and I need you to stand up now more than ever. You have social media and all the tools at your hand and now is the time to use them for greatness. With that I leave you as I came in the fear of losing this great experience called democracy.


Mr. Young Of PNP

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