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Delivered From Poverty

In order to be Delivered from Poverty we will go back to the root of it and sever it's connection to our lives. The way we have defined poverty is via The Manifest results by the lack of financial resources and material accessibility. Approaching this problem is widely believed that if we could some how get an abundance of money, we would alleviate this problem, only to find ourselves repeating and reliving in the effects perpetually. Deut. 28:15, it shall come to pass, if you will not listen to the voice, of the voice of the Lord your God, To observe to do all his Commandments and Statues which I Command you this day : That all these curses(Poverty) shall come upon you and overtake you. We can understand that our pursuit to obtain some level of prosperity may stem from our lack of knowledge, understanding, awareness, and approach to the problem itself. All too often we have viewed poverty as by our meager experiences . However, these are symptoms of a problem that exist deeper than what has manifested. How many times have we obtained more money than we knew what to do with? Made investments, gambled, or strategized to only find ourselves broke and having to deal with the perpetual effects of poverty again. Experiencing this teaches us that a lot of money is only part of the solution. Usually PPL who see money as the only solution will eventually harm themselves because of greed. At this point morals, respect, are set aside and desperation sets in and now we are survival mode as one who is a savage beast. A Disregard for others welfare becomes obsolete. With this mindset we are still poverty-stricken. So now we've just become a poor person w/ money. Now, as we saw in Deut. 28:15 we got a glimpse of the curse and if you keep reading you'll find it has all kinds of nasty things in it. You might be saying yeah Bruh Rodney " but what about this root of poverty: How can I uproot it?" Look at Gal 3:13 Christ redeemed us from the cures of the law(poverty) when you receive Christ as the Lord over your life. He imparts and equips us with knowledge. Thereby teaching us how to execute our faith upon circumstances. How to be patient, praise God and gain victory over poverty and any other element associated w/ the curse, and of course the enemy will give U opposition and resistance but when you learn to recognize his tactics, you can become very skillful in dealing w/ this world. Here are a few practical things you can do. 1.) Pray believing you have been delivered from poverty. 2.) Be grateful for what you already have such your business or job. 3.) See what the status or your credit may be. 4.) Get down w/ the (S)ave.(Y)ourself.(S)ome.(T)ime.(E)nergy.(M)oney.

This topic is very complex and there is no one pill solution. However, accepting Christ into your Life severs you from the root and I pray and trust that God will enable Anointed teaching to advance your learning. Jesus Is Lord Brother Rodney Va.

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