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Death & Life Are In The Power of The Tongue

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

We are not pro nor anti israel or Palestinan. We are anti terrorism, hate, and discrimination. We condemn the killing or attacks of innocent people, especially children. We are also anti loose tongues, meaning talking about things without any actual or real knowledge.

Why do I say that we are not pro-Israel nor anti-Israel? Why are we not pro-Palestinian nor anti-Palestinian? This is because we do not make our decisions based on a group of people. If someone does something, or a group does something, then we will not categorize an entire race or religion for that wrong or harm. We condemn anyone who harms anyone without true justification. We condemn assaulting women and children, we condemn the rape and sexual assaults of women and children.

An example of speaking about things we do not have knowledge of and hate is on Fox News on October 19, 2023 Pete Hegseth, a U.S. Army Veteran spoke out against Congresswoman Tlaib. Mr. Hegseth said that Congresswoman Tlaib supported extremism and has for a long time. Have we ever contemplated on what the teachings of the Bible and the Quran tell us? In the Bible it is written that "death and life are in the power of the tongue." (Proverbs 18:21) Yet how often do we let any thought that crosses our mind be uttered out of our mouths? We need to put a filter on our own selves. We can be a democracy, respecting each persons views and opinions all the while moderating our own selves. We must always remain accountable for the things that we say and do.

Should we speak out against evil? Yes, we should, but not without having knowledge first. "He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord" (Proverbs 17:15). This gives us another warning that what we utter out of our mouths we will be held accountable for. Do we take heed to this, or do we just utter the thoughts that come to mind? How many people have an opinion on a matter, but have no actual knowledge or evidence for what they say? This has become worse with the ever evolving internet where anyone can speak to millions. How often do we as people actually go investigate the things that we listen to? The things that we hear on the news? Do we fact check, or do we just blind follow?

On Fox News on October 19, 2023 there was a conversation with Nicole Parker, a former FBI Special Agent, and the discussion was how the FBI would be out investigating if there were any comments after 9/11, but its not the same today with Hamas. Why do we as people keep throwing everyone into one basket? If someone supports Palestinians then they are thrown into an extremism category. Not all Palestinians are terrorists, and not all Israelis are bad either. Lets just condemn what needs to be condemned: Anyone who kills any woman or child with out true justification, and this applies to men as well. It does not matter who you are, it does not matter what your religion, or your race, or your sex, or any other factor.

Another example is an article in the WEEK, The best of The U.S. And International Media, October 20, 2023 Issue on page 8, where it was reported: "London. Antisemetic violence: In the wake of the horrific attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas militants, pro-Palestinian groups demonstrated in European cities this week, prompting governments in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and Italy to deploy security outside synagogues and in Jewish neighborhoods. In north London, the windows of a kosher restaurant were smashed, while demonstrators at a Pro-Palestinian rally is especially high in France, home to Western Europe's largest populations of both Jews and Muslims and where more than a dozen antisemetic acts were reported this week. 'The fear is real,' said French rabbi Michel Serfaty." Page 8.

This article is reporting on the terrorism, as it starts off by mentioning Hamas. Then it goes in to discuss Pro-Palestinians, and vandalism. It does not mention that it could be done by anyone else, but rather groups anyone who is Pro-Palestinian in with Hamas. So if Bella or Gigi Hadid wanted to support their families and loved ones, because they are Palestinian then they would be considered Pro-Palestinian and an extremist. This would also apply to DJ Khalid, who is also Palestinian. Then when Congresswoman Tlaib speaks out about grouping everyone which ultimately creates gynecide, she is mocked, ridiculed, and condemned. Just like we did during the times of slavery. When a white person would support a black person then they were considered a ni**r lover and was hanged. How the times have not changed, but it is not too late for us to make the changes needed. Let's ask ourselves a simple question: "Why is anti-semitism only connected to those of the Jewish faith when the Arabic language is also considered Semitism?

There are thousands of examples, but I will provide another one. In USA TODAY, Hannah Hudnall reported in her article "Muslims in US fear hate is growing", October 17, 2023, about a 6 year old boy named Wadea Fayoume from Chicago, Illinois who was stabbed to death, and his mother, Haanan Shahin was stabbed at least a dozen times but survived. These two are Palestinians. What was the reason that these two were attacked? It was determined by law enforcement that the reason they was attacked was "due to them being Muslim and the on-going Middle eastern conflict involving Hamas and the Israelis." According to the article by Hannah Hudnall.

Look at how many innocent people are dying, women and children especially. So many just point fingers saying its this groups fault, or its that groups fault. Then that opinion changes. We can see this with the hospital in Gaza that was blown up killing so many innocent people. Tongues flew accusing groups of people. What happened after that? The war got bigger, "death and life are in the power of the tongue"! We cannot control the next person's tongue, but we sure can control our own, and it is our own that often can affect those around us. If there is no one around to listen or support such loose and at times vile talk, then it cannot gain control.

People target random people who they have no solid proof that they are even associated with any form of terrorism. Not that that would give them license to take the law into their own hands. It just makes it worse when innocent people die simply from propaganda of the Media, and people's loose tongue. In the United States we have a First Amendment right to free speech, but the law has made clear that is not an absolute right. Ask yourself this, why doesn't the Media depict these type of acts as acts of terrorism, but when a heinous crime is committed by a Muslim or by someone who proclaims to be a Muslim it is quickly labeled terrorism or connected to terrorism?

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