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Covid & Human Dignity

Hey guys Khalid@ USP Canaan 10.22.21. We have one-thousand-one hundred, and eighty one prisoners currently here. Pretty packed. It seems like the majority of my unit(87 prisoners) are vaccinated. This has been an ordeal yet we have to persevere. They are not testing. This is a major concern due to the congregate nature of prison, and that testing along with masking, and vaccinating seems to mitigate hospitalizations and death. We have a ton of skeptics in here? What do you expect. Prisoners are inherently inclined to conspiracy theories. The majority of the guys are anti-government. I feel if the administration were more amenable to incentives everyone would get vaccinated. I mean like fresh fruit? Like facetime? Like maybe a contact visit? Extra time credit for the halfway house. These guys would get vaccinated, yet the officers aren't doing the same. From our perspective "we are not smuggling the contraband they call covid into this prison". Currently we have 100 prisoners, in quarantine(tests have to go to a lab), 11 prisoners are positive along with three staff members. Beginning the eighth of November staff is mandated to get vaccinated? This is a presidential order, yet many are contemplating quitting? I am confused. Are mask mandates an infringement of anyone's constitutional right? Is a vaccine mandate? Lets talk about the infringement of "constitutional rights". There is an older Muslim man in here and he has been in prison for forty-seven(47) years? That seems like an infringement of the 8th amendment which protects us from cruel, and unusual punishment. Guys I am 45 years old born in 1975? This older man started doing time in 73? The question I end with is, How old are you? Does a human being deserve to be in prison for 47-years? What type? Do you have to know the crime? Can he be rehabilitated?

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