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Black Lives Matter Movement

I want to shed some light on my opinion of the whole "Black Lives Matter" movement. I think for the most of the people, its only for self gain. It seems to me, that the Black Lives Matter Movement only means something to the masses of Afro Americans when a Black Civilian is being oppressed by the powers that be. Then and only then, Black Communities want to take it to the streets and protest. If Black Lives Matter, then it should matter whenever an Afro American is being oppressed whether it is from the Powers that be, an opposite race, or our very own race. Why we don't protest when a Blood kills a Crip, or a Vice Lord kills a Disciple, or a young brother from this block, kills another brother from that block. If Black Lives Matter, then it should matter no matter who takes the life. I was hearing about protesters looting in their own community because a Police kills another black, or Protesters want to protest across the whole country due to Police killing Blacks, so why isn't the whole African American Community not protesting Black on Black crime?? In Philadelphia, the number is over 500 homicides this year and 90% of the homicides are in African American Communities..But i don't see any Black Lives Matter Protesting about that. If my math steers me correct, 90% of 500 is 450, i know i ain't hear or seen anywhere near that much Protesting of Black on Black crimes. I say all this to say, if the Movement is going to stand for something, let it stand for it on both legs and not pick and chose what part of the movement is going to be protested. If Black Lives Matter, it should matter no matter who takes the life even if it comes from our own race.


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