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American Injustice

Recently the President signed into law "The First Step Act of 2018." This offers quite a few things, but

essentially was barely anything to correct the manifest injustice in our Country. I am writing today

about the unfairness of our country and the lack of concern for our citizens or the future of our country.

In this article and the ones to come I will be showing you all the many injustices that go on

unchecked, and how it affects us as a whole. For too long we have held the position that if it does not

hit home (i.e., does not affect us) then we do not need to worry about it. We cannot keep going like

this. Although this article begins with a little on The First Step Act and racial disparities and racism, my

articles will go beyond that. I will speak on in the injustices of shackling pregnant women who was

incarcerated. This went on for years before Congress decided to change it with the First Step Act. I will

speak on how we are invalidating our Constitution; the double standards of our government officials,

including the corruption that is often over looked and ignored; racism; inequalities of races and genders,

including education, jobs and pay; the governments biased statistics especially when it comes to

recidivism; poverty rates; illicit drug use, hardships of incarcerating our citizens, including marriages,

families, children, and our economy as a whole; prison population and rates, and how prisons is a major

source of income in the united states; and many other topics relating to the "American Injustice."

I will show you the difference between our country and other countries. In hopes that we do not

become the very same country that so many people are trying to flee from. I will discuss the difference

between a democracy and socialism and how it applies to our country. So let's start off with the

bipartisan bill that was passed and discuss the effects it has on us as a whole.

This Act did in fact help many people, especially black people who were wrongly affected by the racial

disparity between crack and cocaine. Before 2010 Congress punished crack offenders very harshly.

They used a 100 to 1 ratio in punishment compared to cocaine offenders. That is right, if you had crack

it was considered the same punishment as someone who had 100 times more cocaine. So depending on

how you used the drug, not the drug itself, determined how much time you would receive. So although

many other materials that are added to cocaine is not illegal (i.e., baking soda) if you add it and it turns

into a rock rather than a powder form then the punishment was 100 times more severe.

Today crack offenders are punished 18 times more severe because they choose to smoke it rather

than snort it. Lets be honest, who mainly smokes it and who mainly snorts it? What type of people?

Have we really wondered why there is even a difference here? Or do we just let things go by because

they do not affect us? We do not punish any other drug in this fashion. Senator Cory Booker currently is

presenting a Bill called "The Next Step Act" to bring this down to equal terms with the same punishment

(1 to 1 ratio). However, much talk has gone around that its unlikely to be brought to the floor, or passed

if it does make it to the floor. Have we asked why this is so often the case? Have we ever really stopped

and asked how this is just?

Back in 2010 Congress acknowledge this, and enacted a Bill that the President signed into law called

"The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010." However, as usual Congress refused to make it retroactive leaving

everyone sentenced prior to December 2010 ineligible. Those unaffected had to remain in prison even

after our Country publicly noted that it was unfair and needed to be corrected. Leaving the rest of the

people was an injustice. Now the First Step Act (8 years later) allows those individuals to apply, but does

not mandate (in some circumstances) that courts give them any benefit. Did they really do anything to

fix the racial disparity or did they just put a mask on it? If we are going to fix a problem we must actually

fix the problem when we acknowledge that there is one. Instead of letting people sit in prison for years

after acknowledging the injustice.

Currently there are several more Bills that are being presented. For example, there is the REAL Act,

which would increase education for prisoners including limiting the restrictions on receiving Pell Grants

while incarcerated. This Bill is being brought by Senator Mike Lee from Utah, and is sponsored by

Senators Brian Schatz (D), Hawaii and Dick Durbin (D) Illinois. As well as stakeholder organizations

including the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The American Correctional Association and

the Drug Policy Alliance. Bills have been being presented for decades, but little change actually occurs.

Our Country as a whole needs to be informed about what is really going on. That is exactly what I plan

on doing. I will bring facts to you, so you can follow me in where my information comes from. I urge

everyone to be proactive in this fact, and lets stand up for justice.

I am always happy when people are released from prison, especially those who have served several

years in prison. Long sentences is another injustice to our people and our Country as a whole. In fact,

the Sentencing Commission has already noted that there is no true correlation between long sentences

and lower recidivism. In fact, it noted that sometimes it actually increased it. How many citizens do we

have locked up for life that had no violence? In an up coming article I will share some stories of these

people with you, and explain how you can go look at their cases yourself. Remember we must always

fact everything, and that even means me. Lets be pro active and stand up for what is just.

Although we pretend that our system is not broken and consists of many injustices including racism,

and inequality, we are doing just that: pretending. The truth of the matter is our nation is fearful that

they will lose their country. Who are they? That is the people who believe they are the elite, that is

typically the rich, political, and white people. Sounds crazy huh? I agree. Now this does not mean that

this applies to everyone in this category, but changes are surely hard to be made. Why? Why are felons

stricken from being able to vote? The government silences those who actually go through the injustice.

They silence those who would oppose them like their voice no longer matters. I thought this was our

country? I thought we were one nation, indivisible, under God? I thought we had inalienable rights?

Yet, what we have proven to be is a divided nation that pushes God out at a rapid pace. Another day I

will speak more about this and the First Amendment right to Religion. Before we can fix a problem, first

we must admit that we have a problem. Once we admit that we have a problem then we must seek to

fix that problem. That means that we must have knowledge and provide that knowledge to others. We

cannot fix a problem and cover it up at the same time. Look at how many people say they believe in

God, but look at how we treat each other. There is so much hate, discord, back-biting, and division.

We can dress up a pig, put a wig on it, put clothes on it, put perfume on it after a bath and add make-

up, but it still remains a pig It is what it is, point blank period. Did Congress rectify part of the harm?

Yes, but only a very small scratch of the what truly exists. The problem is we are divided on to many aspects, racism, social economics, nationalism, gangs, origin, etc. This even applies inside the prison

system. The second major problem is that our system is not based on justice, its about money. If you

have any doubts, then let me explain more. The more you follow along the more you will see how true

this is.

When we are addressing the injustice which is now a major epidemic with our justice system we have

to ask ourselves why? When these tough questions are posed people can hardly give a legitimate

answer as to why. Obviously, if the older black generations still hold onto resentment, or women hold

onto resentment, or ex-felons hold onto resentment, or anyone else who experiences injustice, then I

surely understand why, and cannot condemn them for that. The question is what as a nation are we

doing to fix it? We can no longer stand divided, otherwise we stay defeated. Let's take the first step

and acknowledge that this is a problem.

We must stop making excuses for our actions as a nation. This includes allowing the government to

control us, they are public servants and must do as we say. We have the right to be informed and we

must stay informed. It is not the other way around. How can we know our rights if we do not even

attempt to learn what our rights are? We must stand up for what is right and just, and stop ignoring the

great injustices that occur in our country. We can no longer continue living in the blind as if everything is

okay. Everything is not okay, and we are living a lie. We say that we are the land of the free, but we

incarcerate more people than any other country and we make up less than 5% of the world's population.

We incarcerate more black people today then we had in slavery before it was allegedly abolished by the

Thirteenth Amendment. We call this being just?

Slavery & The Thirteenth Amendment

Let's be honest here, slavery has not been abolished, it has been reincarnated into the prison

industry. In 1972 we incarcerated approximately 300,000 people in the United States. Today we

imprisoned approximately 2.2 million people. Incarceration is modern day slavery that the government

has made legal, and is today considered permissible under the Thirteenth Amendment of the United

States Constitution. How true is this? Does our Constitution even mean anything today? Stay tuned for

this as well, because this is coming up soon as well. Until then lets take a small peak.

The Thirteenth Amendment states that no person can be put into slavery or involuntary servitude

except for punishment for a crime he was duly convicted of. So this means that only a person convicted

of a crime can be committed to slavery or involuntary servitude? Then why has Congress enacted a

statute that allows people to be civilly committed, which is also involuntary servitude, under civil law

without being duly convicted of a criminal act? Then tell these same people that because this is not a

criminal proceeding you do not retain the same rights? A person could finish his sentence, or not even

be convicted of a crime at all, but then be thrown into a facility and told they cannot go home. Not until

a judge says they can. Someone can go to a judge and tell them how insane you are, even tell lies, and

there you go. They now have a life sentence, in a prison, but told that its not the same thing as being a

prisoner. There is no difference, here we go dressing up a pig again, but to no avail.

Barrack Obama once said that black lives matter. Have we really pondered on why he said it this way?

I am sure that many people have came up with different reasons. The majority would even agree that

this is true, but some would ask why are we not saying "all lives matter?" Then put a twist on it turning

it into another racial negative. If we all truly think about it, there is a very viable reason for it, and he is

right. Who is more affected by the killings and the injustice? Yes, it is our black citizens. So many of our

precious citizens, our people are at a disadvantage. Whether this be due to their race, their past, their

status or something else. Yet we call this being just, and the Great Nation? We must wake up and stand

up for what is right.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope you come back to continue to learn more. I will continue

to point you to where the information I rely on can be found. I encourage you to not just take my word

for it or anyone else's, but research it yourself. Be a voice, and join our cause, true justice. Stand up for

sentencing and prison reform.

The commission has came with a definition of recidivism based on an offenders re-arrest, including

supervised release, probation, and parole violations, or re-convictions. See "Measuring Recidivism,

Supra, at p. 28 @ note 1." Yes, this means it includes people who were not convicted and people who

were found not guilty, as well as those who were only found guilty by a preponderance of the evidence

of a technical rule violation. Some of these are not reporting finances, staying out past curfew, having

police interactions and not reporting it, etc. So these recidivism rates are boosted up higher, but what

do they really tell us? Do they tell us the true propensity for people to commit another crime? Are we

locking people up just so they cannot "possibly" violate any law in the future no matter how small? Are

we now locking up our citizens for thought crimes or what we perceive them to do in the future? What

happened with the Thirteenth Amendment that I spoke about earlier? The truth of the matter is its no

longer about justice, but it is all about power and money.

Education & Unequal Pay

The Commission has also determined that people at the time of their conviction with less than a high

school education were at a higher recidivism rate. Another words, the less education people have the

more prone they are to commit offenses. It seems quite obvious then that its not a good idea to keep

cutting education right? Yet that is exactly what we allow to happen. Every year the budget for

education becomes less and the budget for prisons become more. Is this the direction we really want

our Country to go in? The rich get richer and the poorer get poorer, and the incarcerated stays doomed

to stay or return to incarceration. Take a look at how far we as Americans are behind other countries in

education. We are at the bottom, and we continue to doom our country by restricting more education.

In 2011 the united states had a population of 310,232,863 based on a July 2010 estimate. See "The

CIA FACT BOOK, 2011, p. 698" The United States ranked the third highest in population compared to the

rest of the world. The age structure consisted of 20.1% being between 0 and 14 years of age; 66.9%

being between 15 and 64 years of age; and 13% being over 65 years of age. Id. @ 698. The population

consisted of 79.6% white, 12.85% black, 4.43% Asian, 0.97% Amerindian and Alaskan Native. Id. @ 698.

We harbor so many false perceptions about our citizens, and we often look through a tunnel vision

concept. We must take ourselves outside our of own selves and see it how others do. This is the whole

basis for empathy and sympathy. For example, this article is not just about the injustice of our black

population. This is about the injustice for all of our populations. For example, women have consistently

made less money than males. We cannot say that we were blind to this fact because there have been so

many women movements to state this. Just like there are so many movements that have told us that

there is an injustice with our black populations, and now we have movements telling us that we have an

injustice with our criminal system and ex-felons.

The average weekly earnings for blacks ages 16-24 in 2015 was $407 compared to $488 of whites;

average weekly earnings for blacks ages 25-54 was $683 per week compared to $858 per week for

whites; and weekly wages for blacks ages 55 and over were paid on average of $725 per week compared

to $953 per week for whites. See "World Almanac and Fact Book, 2016, p. 107" Why is this? So many

are so quick to say its because they are less educated. Really? Okay, lets go back to the facts again and


In 2014 whites (non-Hispanic or Latino) with less than a high school diploma consisted of 8%

compared to blacks/African Americans 15.6%. Whites with a high school diploma or equivalent was at

28.2% compared to blacks/African Americans which were at 31.6%. Whites with some college 30.3%

compared to 33.1%, and whites with a bachelor's degree were at 33.6% compared to 19.7%. See "World

Almanac and Fact Book, 2016, p. 621." Here we see that although more blacks may less than a high

school diploma or its equivalent, but the facts also tell us that more blacks have a high school diploma or

equivalent than whites, and pursued college more than whites. Its not for a lack of trying.

Have we ever noticed that in the poorer neighborhoods or the hoods have schools with less money,

and poorer educations than in suburbs. Why is this? Each school is assigned a grade according to its

money and things offered. The hoods or those below the poverty line do not get even a decent school,

and we wonder why so many resort to drugs? What parent wants to ignore their starving children?


Then the commission says that unemployment also plays a major role in recidivism. In 2011 the

unemployment rate was 9.3% based on a 2009 estimate, which was an increase from 5.8% (2008

estimate). With 12% of the population being below the poverty line. (2004 estimate). See "The CIA FACT

BOOK, 2011, p. 700." Yet our nation not only continues to take away from education, they do not

support the poorer neighborhoods, the hoods. Have you noticed how all of these schools in this area

are scored as Grade D schools or less? How do we expect anyone in these area to prosper if we are not

providing them with the tools to prosper? Not only do we take away from education, we have also

made other parts harder to get a job. Do we really think that just these "ban the box" movements and

bills that goes through is going to fix this problem? Now when a black citizen comes in the risk of being

prejudged is excruciating high. Nothing has been fixed. You must have a high school education to get

most jobs, but with what education? How do the people provide for their families, when their fathers

are taken away for so long. Remember that prior to 2010 that crack offenders was either given or

practically given a life sentence. Now these children grew up without a father and had to learn on their

own. Another way that long terms of incarceration dooms the future of our country. A felony means

that many will not hire you, or allow you to live in their homes/apartments.

Do you think that I make this up? I know some whites will hate what I am saying, but I am not taking

sides for any group. I am speaking the truth based on history and facts. Lets take a deeper look into the

history of unemployment. In 1995 the unemployment for whites was at 4.9% while blacks were at

10.4%. More than double, and it stays that way throughout history. In 2000 its 3.5% to 7.6%; In 2010

8.7% to 16.0%; In 2011 7.9% to 15.8%; In 2012 7.2% to 13.8%; In 2013 6.5% to 13.1%; and in 2014 6.2%

to 12.6%. See "World Almanac and Fact Book, 2016, p. 103"; "Bureau of labor Statistics, U.S. Dep't of

Labor." Can you honestly say that things are not predisposed here? That the deck is not stacked? What

are we doing to fix this epidemic?

We predispose our citizens to a severe disadvantage, and keep them from being successful. When

they give up or relapse then we say "see, I told you so." We call this being just? They did not fail, we as

a nation have failed them. Look at the hardship that one man had just being released from prison trying

to find housing. Kim Kardashian even offered to pay his rent up front for five years, but they still denied

him housing because he was a felon. They would not even give him a chance. We call this being just?

Poverty rate

In 1990 the poverty rate was at 13.5%; In 2000 11.3%; In 2005 12.6%; In 2010 15.1%; In 2013 14.5%.

In 2014 there were over 46 million people who were below the poverty line. In 2010 9.9% of all white

families were under the poverty line compared to 24.1% of all black families. In 2014 9.7% of all white

families were under the poverty line compared to 22.9% of all black families. See "World Almanac and

Fact Book, 2016, p. 49. Again, can we honestly say that they deck is not stacked? We are not talking

about a fluctuation here were they change or alternate. There is consistently a difference by almost

300% or three times. We can this fair and just?

Have we ever taken notice to how men always make more than a woman? Well, if you look it has

always been the same when pay for whites compared to blacks are reviewed. The average weekly

earnings for blacks ages 16-24 in 2015 was $407 compared to $488 of whites; Blacks ages 25-54 were

paid an average of $683 per week compared to $858 per week for whites; blacks ages 55 and over were

paid an average of $725 per week compared to $953 per week for whites. See "World Almanac and Fact

Book, 2016, p. 107.

Marriage and Illicit Drug Use

The commission also states that being unmarried and illicit drug use also increases recidivism. Let's

keep looking at how all of this intertwines with each other. So now we have a felon, he has a hard time

getting housing and employment. He is treated like an outcast, and thus could never establish an

effective relationship. Statistics also show that people will strong community ties have lower recidivism

rates. Do you see how we push our own citizens to failure? What are we doing to help them? No

matter how much he tries he is at an extreme disadvantage, yet still nothing compared to a white citizen

who, even if at the bottom of the list, still retains a white privilege. Even this is a severe blow to a

persons persona. While they are down they are kicked some more. They eventually become depressed

and begin to give up. They resort back to drug use, and if they have never done so before they begin to.

If he has a family and children he must find a way to provide for them. Who wants to hear their child

say they are hungry and have no way to feed them? So they sell some drugs, or do something else that

violates their parole/probation and sends them back to prison. Society labels them as another failure,

but in truth they are not the ones who failed. We as a nation is the ones who have failed them. Also

see, "Measuring Recidivism, at p. 29."

Any help you are willing to offer even if its providing information or

stories would be greatly appreciated.

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