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A Woman Sentenced For Same Crime

My name is Deanna Roberts and I have fed time and state time to do. I plead guilty to 8 felonies with the feds and was told as long as I got over 10years, the state would not pick up my case. I got 135 months, 11 years and 3 months, but the state did come and pick it up. I was picked up from here after I was transferred from Alderson because my points had gone up and I was no longer camp eligible after the new indictment was served. I was here 2 months and then was taken to the fulton county jail where I was housed in union city for close to 45 months. They would not even consider concurrent status and when the judge allowed my fed case in, Mr. Scarborough did his darnedest with the double jeopardy claus because it is the same case. It's very rare to have a fed to state double jeopardy because it's always the other way, state to fed.That got denied and the they would not come off 30 something years consecutive. I said no and was going to trial, then they started to negotiate. I was assigned several attorneys over that 45 months because they just kept moveing them around. But, the supervising attorney, Marilyn Primovic rounded out the end when I was sentenced and 2 other of my prior attornies were present for moral support. Everyone in the public defenders office seemed to be rooting for me because they said I was getting railroaded because the state felt I was not getting enough time. There were 5 charges and I plead guilty to 2 of them. Felony murder and practising medicine without a license. Mind you I plead guilty to charges almost the same with the feds. The state claims the death wasn't the main focal point. They, (we) settled for 23 yrs to be ran concurrent with my fed sentence. I plead guilty on august 20th 2021. My attorney just told me here a couple of weeks ago that when one of the charges merged then it was now 22 years. I realize I have made the worst mistake in life that in turn caused part in a death. I wasn't the only person that had ever worked on my victim and there were the other chemical markers from the silicone I was not responsible for. They were able to compare because of the company I was buying my product from. Witness statements even said she went to anyone within 12 miles of Atlanta. There are so many more components to my case, but I am fairly sure that it would at least be an interesting legal read for you all. I had no criminal history prior to this and yes death is final and I deserve to be punished. But, I never would have meant to harm anyone. People were going to other practitioners and I was left holding the bag. I just hope that one day, I can get my side of the story out. National Geographic contacted me while I was at the Fulton County jail to do an interview with me for the series, "Trafficked", but at the last minute, after getting everything approved, I had to decline because my case was on unstable legal grounds, and anything I would have said on the show, and to Marianne Von Zeller, the prosecution would have demolished me. According to my 2 attorneys at that time, Meghan Callier and Steven Scarborough. So, I alledgedly will be transferred to the state on 12-18-2025 for I don't know how many years because of how sentence modifications, (which I will be filing) and parole, of all that I don't really understand because I have never had the ability to cross reference or compare a dang thing. But a lady that was sentenced and went to state before me had 11 yrs to do and she got there and her new out date was 2023, and she had felony murder as well. I don't know how any of that state stuff works what so ever. Thank you for reading this disaster that I have caused. Any insite or anything would be ever so appreciated. I've been told I got railroaded so many times. I'm 52, and I'm just hoping the state will have mercy or allow me some how an early parole, home confinement, or something. I have been vaccinated, and recently caught covid here at Aliceville. Thanks again for reading all this. I look forward to your reply if for nothing more than a place to be heard and kept in mind.

With Sincerest Wishes,

Deanna Roberts

State id fulton county GA bk#1804036, JID#1089844

Fed # 67111-018

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