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A Woman in Need of Help

My name is Tracy A. Smith #32940-0445

FCI Aliceville

P.O Box 4000

Aliceville, Al. 35442

I am reaching out to you in hopes that perhaps you can provide me with some resources to assist me in my fight for freedom. I just need someone who genuinely cares and is dedicated to the cause of helping those incarcerated. I'd like to create an on-line petition designed and created for my cause. I am sending the outlined details of my case and "what I know and believe can be achieved".

I am serving a 235 month( 19yrs. 7mos.), sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm(Note: I never fired that gun nor ever cause anyone harm with the weapon). My sentence was enhanced from 0-10 to 15-life due to a Missouri 2nd degree assault charge(1990), and a 'single' conviction for drug sales(2003). However, laws have changed and I have grounds for relief. It is just so very frustrating because if you don't understand the federal laws and language, and file a motion incorrectly or with the wrong courts, your entire chances for relief can be ruined. Therefore, I am reaching out for help with hopes and prayers that God would send that person who possesses the knowledge needed to win back my life.

When I was 18yrs old, I had a fight with a girl while intoxicated(drunk). I was charged with 2nd degree assault and sentenced to 3yrs. in a Missouri state prison. This case can now be challenged "and won" in light of Borden v. U.S.

In 2003, I sold crack-cocaine to an undercover officer three times, under one conviction. The government is using those 3 sales as 3 convictions. They also can be challenged "and won".

I know that I've made some bad choices in life, but I don't believe that I should have been given such and extensive amount of time.

I was sentenced in March 2019(arrested in January 2018),and I have used this time of incarceration to further educate myself, by attending any and all classes/programs that the BOP has to offer. I also enjoy encouraging and mentoring those who need and welcome positive guidance and higher elevation.

I possess innate intelligence that I allowed the enemy(Satan) to supress for many years, and I refuse to be held back and further. Upon my release, I have a vision to raise up a program to help those that are less fortunate, poor, hungry, addicted, and homeless. My own past in what fuels me, fires me to keep reaching for freedom, so that I may be able to help other people headed for destruction. God is in control and I will remain confident in this until the doors of my destiny are opened, and I obtain God's rest and rewards.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this message. Feel free to write me at the above address. I am open to any questions, letters. or advice you may have to offer.

God bless you

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Hello thier I am here and god is also first question I want to ask do you have appeal.If so when we can start by trying to get donations for lawyer.and spread your testimony...

Khalajah Parsons
Khalajah Parsons
Oct 23, 2023
Replying to

She is currently incarcerated at the women's Federal prison. You can locate her current location and address by visiting BOP inmate locator and putting in her information she provided. Thank you for your Vincennes and willingness to help.

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