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A Ninja Called Institutionalization

A Ninja Called Institutionalization

Every since time began there has been some form of imprisonment even though it has changed and evolved over time. Similarly the same is true for slavery, mankind unfortunately enjoys the fruits of someone else's labor. Every since I was a child, like so many others, I have been in and out of jails. It does not matter how much I try to stay out of trouble, it does not matter how much I try to conform, there is always a rule or a law that brings me back. Even so much that someone can say that you did something, and the judicial system will accept their word and sentence you to more time. Now I understand that many believe that prisoners are delusional and inaccurately claim that the government is conspiring against them. What we ask you to do, is to read our stories, follow our cases, and really see for yourself what we are talking about. There is much resources that the government has to ensure we are always ensnared. One powerful weapon is their ninja whose name is Institutionalization.

In prison many people get caught up with entitlement issues. The government takes everything from you, even your dignity. You have to submit to taking all of your clothes off and standing in front of an officer or more while they look at you. Lift you sack if you are a male and bend and spread for males and females. Some officers take advantage of the prisoners they are suppose to protect, even so far as molestation and rape. Their sentence is often on the lighter side when they should be held more accountable because of the role they sworn to uphold.

Some staff will talk to you and treat you as if you are less than human, scum on the bottom of their shoe. You are forced to work for pennies and they tell you but you have no bills. This sounds wonderful on paper and in theory, but the problem is all the rest that comes with it. What about now where covid is such an issue. Most cannot work and do not receive money from the outside. The meals they provide are not enough when it all fits in a medium sized clam shell. We no longer have access to a salad bar where we can fill up on vegetables or other things they may put out there, if you are at a place does provides it.

Indigent status is considered $6.00 within a 30 day period so if they pay you $8.00 for example for working a whole month then you are not considered indigent. This means you must buy your toothpaste ($2.30), your deodorant ($3.80), your soap ($2.50), which already exceeds your monthly allowance for the slave labor you must fulfil. You can see the prices on commissary for any institution by going to the website and going to that institution. I encourage you to do so. These were just a couple items, but think about what it is like to really have to live like this while they hand out 10, 15, 30, 40 years like its candy in a candy store.

So when they issue you a chair, or there is a chair or table somewhere and someone sits there on a regular basis they begin to believe it is theirs. That they have ownership over it. The problem is these things are never ours, the government still owns them. So what happens is we oppress each other. We tell others that this is mine, you cannot sit here, but then the government comes and takes that item for whatever reason and we no longer say anything. The system has been created to break us, and they do so by sending their Ninja.

Their ninja uses its weapons to keep us fighting against each other and finding reasons to create division. For us to separate and for us to not pay attention to what matters the most. We no longer take a stand for our own rights or the injustices, but rather we stay focused on each other and how we can make ourselves feel superior. As long as we are doing so, with this smoke screen that the ninja uses then they have no worries. We are doing all of the work for them. You hear people complain, but who actually takes it to paper? Even those who do take it to paper and try to stand up for themselves, or even others, the system is designed to prevent any true justice from being administered. Some people complain because they have nothing else left to do, they have been broken and defeated by this ninja that they have sent.

They have put many of us to sleep with the ninja's smoke bomb which is the recreation, games, and television. Those individuals are so wrapped up in something that aids them little to none, that they are pacified by these means. They have no fight in them because in their world everything is ease. They do not even realize that they are messed up in the head, but its not just them, it is all of us. It is just worse when we do not realize that we have been posioned by the ninja that they have sent. It all began from the beginning when they lied to us about our government, about our history, who others are, and about who we are.

In prison we have went from what we have found to be normal, although it was anything except normal, to covid, which put us behind the door so many times. For example, in my article "loss of family", which you can find here I wrote about losing my father during this time. I did not even get to talk to him because we were only allowed 5 minute phone calls and if they did not answer when we called then to bad, try again the following week.

The recreation yard is often massive, but the chapel and education areas are small. Why is this? They want us to stay preoccupied with anything and everything except what is important. Knowing who we are, standing up for ourselves, taking a stand against what is unjust, and speaking out against them. How is this any different from communism? Our government speaks out against china yet we continue to do business with them. yet we do so much just like them. Look at how we treat our prisoners? They rather throw extra food away, large black dumpsters on wheels full everyday, then give it to the prisoners to eat. Rules are created that if you take food from the chow hall you can receive a 100 series incident report for stealing, which is the most severe incident report you can receive. Why? Because someone wanted to have something a little extra to eat. Yet others finally decide not to file and appeal, and complain. Why? Because doing so is actually pointless.

When we did a FOIA on the Bureau of Prisons we found that in 2021 there were 12,215 BP-11 filed with central office. Of those most were rejected for some reason or another (i.e.., being late, not filing a BP-8 first, filed at the wrong level, etc.). The problem with this is that this is a double sided rule. They are rarely on time pursuant to the federal code of regulations, but they just give them selves an extension. Even with this extension they are late, but what does that matter? Nothing. Why not? Because they make the rules and the rules are not designed for us to succeed. the system is designed for us to fail. The rules are created here that we are often in a catch-22 so if we follow this rule then we violate this rule. The rules say that if they reject our grievance then we can appeal that to the next level, but if we do that then they say we have not submited the BP-8 or that we filed at the wrong level. it is hardly believed that they actually read anything we write. Out of the 12,215 BP-11 filed in 2021, only 73 were granted. That is only slightly above a half of a percent. Do you really think that they care what we think, feel, or go through?

Look at the way that PREA is set up. Look at the Warden Garcia who was arrest in California for abuse of the prisoners in his care. There were hundreds of complaints, but they were all unfounded. Yet finally when the FBI gets involved they find the pictures in his government issued phone. What will happen to him? probably a slap on the wrist, because that is what they do. They will say well the punishment was severe because he lost his pension, and his job, and blah blah blah. Yet that never works for anyone else who is not part of their team. What did Epstein say before he died? It's not just me. then as time goes on more and more names come out. Who know what is true and what is not, but look at R. Kelly. They are persecuting him, but he says that he is not alone. Do I believe that he is alone? Nope, but who know what the truth is. what I do know is that the government will do anything to protect itself from the truth.

The system is designed for us to fail. That is what they want us to do, because we are their money. What would happen if crime actually was close to non-existent? The government and economy would fall, it would collapse. Everything is dependent on prisoners. Look at how many jobs there really are. You have law enforcement, with so many agencies, you have probabtion and parole officers, you have court reporters, bailiffs, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, prosecutors, u.s. marshalls, the fbi, the D.E.A., the A.T.F., and so many more. You have prison gaurds, sergeants, leuitenants, deputy wardens, wardens, and the list keeps going. Look at how many would be out of a job if we actually fixed our correctional system. Do they want it fixed? No, because that means they and their friends would be without a job, and all the perks that they give themselves. So what do they do? They send their ninja at us to create discord.

After all of this we are eventually released, and what happens. Only a small percentage of us succeed, because we have been brain washed and destroyed so bad that we no longer

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