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A Lifer's Perceptions

This is Terence " T.Rich " Richardson one half of Not guilty_serving life. Thanks to everyone that has supported us thru this ordeal. I want to give you some of my thoughts on being Locked up away from your family, friends and the thing we have in endure while incarcerated as well as the injustice that put many of us here. It's hard knowing you have a life sentence for something you didn't do. First time ever in prison behind a lie and the police penning a case on you knowing you didn't even fit the description. I look into my files here and it reads " release date (deceased) ". I feel like I'm one of those zombies in the movies called " The Walking Dead ". I told the lady that runs our IG page on our case that the last movie I saw before i left the streets was " Life" Martin Lawrence & Eddie Murphy. Who would ever think Me and my co-defendent Ferrone would end up like them in that movie? I can't even look at that movie today because of what was done to us. I look into the mirror and see myself go from a young man, watching the years go by( 22years to be exact) an now see an older version of who you once were. Wanting to wake up everyday is a struggle and sometimes you don't want to because then you know you want have to do this time anymore. People would greet me like " You Aiight" and I'd be like " I'm never Aiight, I'm in prison ". Being aiight is accepting this condition to me. But I am maintaining and keeping my head up. So I could never be aiight with what has happened to us. I hadn't seen Ferrone since trial and it took us 20years to end up on the same compound again together. What a blessing it was to see his face again and have someone you know and that's like family to you. Not only that but is going thru the same situation ( Not guilty of the crime and having the police pen this on you).We have both meet other that are going thru the same pain we are an have strong bonds with them now because of it. Why is it that us as a people try to even do the right thing and its still not good enough. A good friend of mines Jorge " Jay " Cornell from N.C. (now at fort Dix low) tried to clean his city up in North Carolina. Made truces between the gangs there and stopped the violence. Ran for city counsel and could have won, an yes he is a Latin King, that tried to bring change. But the police and the gang unit didn't, the gang unit had a different look of what they wanted, them killing each other instead of peace.They trumped up charges on him and sent him away for 20 some odd years. All because his efforts brought peace and cut their funding. Once again you tell me the justice system is fair? Why were Ferine and I Acquitted of charges just to have those same charges used against us and we get more time from them than what the jury found us guilty of? YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. The jury found us not guilty to the killing of a police office( we never fit the description and there was another suspect that was picked out of as photo lineup that wasn't us an fit the description, and the Attorney General for VA. just granted our Actual innocence motion for the State.) in Federal court by the jury but those Acquitted charges was used at sentencing to give us a LIFE SENTENCE. The state case and Federal case are one in the same. Even the juries didn't agree with what the court had done with their verdict. All this was done behind their back's after the fact. Black live do matter and I and Ferrone are Moorish/Black men and I'm sorry for everyone that has lost love ones to police brutality. My daughter was the victim of police brutality a few years ago by the Prince George police here in VA. she could have been Brianna Taylor, George Floyd etc., but she survived. She her story at " Yeahqui_tv when they see us how they saw me ", an she was coming form work at her security job at 11pm at night. No justice was ever done. I had to live with this fact in here, being helpless to help my baby girl :( tears. Taken away form her and her brother for nothing of my own doing. I commend all of you for being strong and fighting to see justice done for your loved ones. But I ask everyone too not forget us and about our lives mattering as well, to get home to our families. Us that have been in these prisons wrongly accused due to miscourage of justice, because of our skin color and lack of funding to properly fight against these charges. Our children have grown up with our us in their lives( Women and Men in prison). Our mothers and fathers have grown older and missing their babies. Ferrone was the baby of his mother & sister & big brother to his little brothers. Me I was the only child of my mother, but a big brother to my other sister and brother. An we are our fathers son's, which we are both blessed to still have. This nightmare will never get over, even once we're free, it will still haunt our lives forever. This is what ever Woman and Man has to live with in these dismal crypts. We will fight for freedom until or last breath as Ferrone and I for 22years, as well as many other. Keep up the fight and to my soldiers Hamzel, Shepp and Mikaeel stay strong. Your Bro. T. Rich Hotep( Peace)

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