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A Beautiful Ammunition

As Salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatulillahi was baraakatuhu, I love all my brothers for the sake of Allah, however, I don't know what Islaam had done for them because I don't know their story. i only know what it has done for me. Yaa ikwaan, I swear by the Lord of the Holy Throne that relief is on the way. There is nothing that will have me think different. Na'am, we may be going through a little bit of difficulty, but relief is coming. A lot of the times I just be thinking of the reward from His Majesty. Keep pondering over that verse in al-Baqarah 214..."do you think you will enter Jannah without such trial as those that passed away before u...." So that verse alone lets us know that there is going to be some hard times but the patient ones will be victorious. We can't be concerned about the next person, that is already written in his book. Remember, the Prophet said, "don't look at the one who is above you, look at the one who is under you, so you can see how Allah has favored you." Na'am, I would love to go home right now, but through trial and error, AND ONLY THROUGH TRIAL AND ERROR, I know there is something in store for me in a blessed way. And how do I know this for certain? Because Allah is not a liar. he said so in His Book, and I believe it wholeheartedly, as long as I follow the means. Na'am, we are all going to sin. Its human nature for us to sin, however, the doors of repentance is open. Follow up a bad deed with a good deed. Perform Sunnah prayers, give sadaqah, give da'wah, there are many ways to replace a bad deed with a good deed so long as it is sincere and Sunnah. So we despair not of the Mercy of Allah, and in Surah as-Saffat, He said, "and indeed a word has gone forth of our slaves, the messengers, that they will be mansuroon (triumph ones) and the host will be ghaaliboon (victorious ones)". Like i said previously, I don't know what Islaam has done for others, I know what it has done for me. So that's why the congregational prayers is a must for me, dhikr is a must for me, istaghfar is a must for me. Also like I said, we're all going to sin, but keep in mind that our Lord is watching us. The non-Muslims are clueless, especially on that Day, the Day that will make the children grey headed and no man or supernatural being will have the power to do anything for another on that Day except by the Will of Allah. Not Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Buddha, Jinn nor Angel. I know especially us brothers behind these walls are getting irritated with these lock down situations, however, we can not always look at it as a bad thing just like Sheikh Hasaan bin Abdul Wahaab al-Bannaa said. Look at how Ibn Taymeeyah, Ahmad bin Hanbal, ibn Qayeemah etc. looked at their situation. Allah isn't going to neglect us. Our Prophet Yusuf (Alaihis Salaam) said prison was better for him then the temptations of another man's wife and he stayed in their over 7 years and he did not wrong. the race that is won is not given to the strong nor the swift, but the one that endures. trust me I get frustrated because I'm human as well, but I have a slight intel of the Qur'an that Allah blessed me with to bring comfort to my frustration, because He is true in His speech. he gave glad tidings to as-sabireen (the patient).

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