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To all this may concern; please know I come to you asking you please please do not allow the verdicts and the case that are on trial move you from your goal. Remember your goals are to change a broken system, let us not lose sight on our goals. We have much work in a short time to accomplish, please and I ask you please what ever these verdicts may be I ask you not to go out in what we call protesting, we must move the courts and all those who seek to deprive us of our justice. Now I ask you again we have much work to do, we have for one the abortion rights we must concentrate on this, for a woman must always have her right to choose this her GOD given right and we must stay focused on this as well as the voting rights. We are all Americans and why must any American year after year have to ask for the right to vote? Some say this is the new Jim Crow however the old Jim Crow was only targeting after poor blacks well as you see everyday it's anybody and everybody that's not apart of this new movement of the GOP. I ask you we must set aside our parties, or feelings, and deal with what's at hand, our very way of life. We have the midterms elections in a short time away as you think about casting your vote please think about what you are casting it for and whom is deserving of your vote!! Please know I have more to say on this subject however I will leave you as I came, this has been an all point SOS that we must stay focused on what it is we have to get done. Please sent this out on your social media to all the various groups that call themselves caring Americans we have work to do and I say again it is GOD who I trust in.


Mr. Young of P.N.P

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